Why Your Weight Doesn’t Go Down?

Excessive weight is prevalent in a large number of people in the modern world. From time to time we try to get rid of it with the help of various progressive diets and means for losing weight.
Seems that the goal is set, technique is chosen, and your body reacts positively to diet and physical activities.
But suddenly something happens, and the weight stops at one point and stubbornly doesn’t go down.
What is the reason for this incomprehensible behavior?

No. 1 Nutrition regime

In order for your body to work “like a clock,” it needs to be properly “tuned”.
To do this, divide your breakfast into two parts and eat the first part at 8 in the morning, and the second at 11.

Then have dinner, and at 16 o’clock eat fruits, and only then proceed to dinner (the principle of fractional nutrition). Thus, you will force your body to spend all the energy it receives, which comes on a regular basis, without the possibility of putting it aside.

№. 2 Weighing Scale

Many girls do not suspect, but one of the reason why weight doesn’t go down is simply because weighing scale is broken and shows incorrect numbers. Therefore, before you start to panic, make sure that they are in good order.

№. 3 Calories

If you consume more calories than you expand, then weight gain is quite natural. The biggest mistake of people who struggle with overweight is that, in their opinion, fitness classes allow them to additionally eat a few sweets.

№. 4 Fluid retention

There is a mass of products that are able to retain excess fluid in the body, which can become the main reason that the weight is standing at one point. For example, an extra liter of water shows on scales plus one kilogram, although it is not fat, but only water, which by the evening will be excreted by the body. Also, if possible, try to reduce salt intake.

№. 5 Lack of walks

Unfortunately, we have forgotten how beautiful long walks in the evening can be. But this is also useful for our body – not only to burn extra calories, but also to improve sleep. Everyone knows that a sound sleep is a guarantee of health, so after such walks you will sleep like a baby. For your weight to not stand still, you should walk every day for at least 30 minutes.

№. 6 Premenstrual period

Most women during premenstrual period can gain extra pounds. Some of woman manage to avoid this fate, simply because are less susceptible to estrogen. This hormone  fluid is causing fluid retencion in the body, the chest swells, nervousness ,irritability and strong feeling of hunger.
Take care of your health and keep carefull approaches to weight correction!

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