Worst Dialogues That Bollywood Has Ever Seen Which Make No Sense!

What makes a movie worth watching? You may think of action, right location, fabulous acting and many other things. But there is another thing that most of us miss is ‘The Dialogues.’ Bollywood has had many awesome dialogues. Some of which were remembered till date. But today we are not going to talk about them. We shall discuss the ‘Worst’ Dialogues that Bollywood has seen.

  • Heropanti dialogue by Tiger Shroff

The Dialogues of First Film of Tiger went completely wrong and the movie was a flop despite his Good Acting and Dance.
Heropanti Dialogues (Image source-Google)

To begin with, let’s talk about Tiger Shroff. Unlike his father, Jackie Shroff, who is a legendary actor, Tiger is still struggling to make his mark in the industry. He may be a great stunt hero and dancing inspiration, but when things come to dialogues, he has had a bad luck. The dialogue from his debut film is just the worst of all.
“Sabko aati nahi, Meri jati nahi”

  • The hilarious dialogue from Gunda

The famous Dialogue from movie Gunda will make you smile.
Gunda dialogue (Image source-Google)

Gunda, in spite of having a phenomenal rating of 8.1 on IMDb is more popular for other reasons. The hilarious dialogue from the movie will compel you to smile. Or more like a smirk.
“Naam hai Bulla, Rakhta hoon Khulla.”
You did smirk, didn’t you?

  • Prem Aggan’s most exploited dialogues

The most cringy Dialogue from movie Prem ki Agan.
Prem Aggan dialogue (Image source-Google)

This dialogue can not be described in any possible way. It only makes you go cringy. Or make you turn off the TV out of awkwardness.
“Mujhe woh haseen dard dedo jisse aaj ke baad main kisi doosre ke saath na baant sakun”
Very low and cringy level of sex appeal. Don’t you feel so?

  • Best proposal of all time

The Best proposal dialogue of bollywood movie
Best proposal (Image source-Google)

Men usually find it a little tough to express their feelings. Especially when they are planning on proposing to their dream girl. Does that happen to you as well? You feel like you want to say many things. But when the moment comes you get a cold feel. Well, today we’ll share the secret to the best proposal. Click here and find out.
Wasn’t that just the best? Don’t you want to try it?

  • Tragic hematuria condition

The most senseless dialogue from movie Karz
Dialogue from Karz (Image source-Google)

For those of you who are thinking what is this ‘hematuria.’ Hematuria is a severe condition in which blood comes into the urine. Reading this you may wonder, which movie has used such a pathetic dialogue. Well, hold your horses. Here it is, the epic dialogue from Himesh Reshammiya’s movie KARZ
“Tere sharir me itna khoon nahi hoga, jitna Ravi Kumar ek bar me moot deta hai”.
Did that make any sense to you?

Well, this is just a compilation of the worst dialogues that Bollywood has ever witnessed. There may be many more.

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