Here Is Why Smoking Is Dangerous For Women Too! Read This To Change Your Life For Better!

Smoking kills! Is it more of men or women? Smoking is dangerous for health, it always known to make a person fall to the stage of death. Women always hold more responsibilities so and are more prone to the loss by smoking. Every time we lit up a cigarette, we show that our life is worthless.

Whenever woman smokes she kills her family as well. In women smoking not only leads to the same problems as men but they face much more challenges. Lets talk about some of those unique women’s problems:

Smoking leads to dangerous Cardiac infactions
Smoking is dangerous

Cardiac infarction due to smoking
A common problem between men and women and that too mostly in young women. They have more chance of it than men due to chemicals and oestrogen reaction.

The Cancers and its cause because of smoking
Smoking is hazordeous

The cancers and its causes because of smoking
Cervical Cancer: The important part of women’s body is destroyed by a thing which is not profitable in any way.
Breast Cancer: A part of the body which shows womanhood is also ruined by such a habit of smoking.
Vulvar Cancer: An important part of woman’s body which protects women’s all sexual organ is demolished by smoking.

Osteoporosis as the result of smoking
A disease which may make a person go that weak that he or she is even unable to move. Smoking can cause the bones so weak before the time of menopause.Osteoporosis as the result of smoking

Hormone problems as a consequence of smoking
A hormone oestrogen is destroyed by smoking which may be responsible for akk the cardiac related diseases.Hormone Problems as consequence of a smoking

Premature Menopause, Menstruation by smoking
Everything looks good when happens on time and is true for the changes in the human body. It causes different infections, abnormal bleeding and absence of menstrual cycle. Oestrogens levels are reduced due to smoking causes all the abnormalities.Premature Menopause,Menstruationby smoking

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease through Smoking
A painful which gives birth to different issues such as extrauterine pregnancy, scar tissues and other infertility problems in women.Pelvic Inflammatory Disease through Smoking

Infertility as the problem due to smoking
Every couple wishes to have their own babies. But smoking for women leads to the problem of infertility among them. It leads to decrease ovulatory response as well as fertilisation and implementation of the zygote may be impaired in women.

Pregnancy and smoking
The toxic chemicals present in tobacco causes the harm to the unborn baby and the mother too. It causes a lot of problems related to pregnancy such as preterm delivery, low birth weight, miscarriage, placentaprevia and neonatal death as well. These children become more prone to diseases than those born to non-smokers.Pregnancy and Smoking

Oral contraceptives and smoking
If you believe in birth control using oral contraceptives you should stop smoking. Smoking causes a number of disease in once like blood clots, heart attacks and strokes. It gives the main problem of high blood pressure.

We hope this article would have given our readers a fair idea about the consequences of smoking. Smoking is injurious to health both for men and women. One should avoid smoking as much as possible and especially women as this habit of them not only have an adverse effect on their health but also their coming generations.

  smoking kills

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