Whoa! This Dutch Politician Looks Exactly Like Justin Trudeau, Have A Look!

THE HAGUE, Netherlands — The comparisons to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau keep coming in, but upcoming Dutch politician Jesse Klaver cites weathered U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders as more of an inspiration.

jesse keller looks like justin tradeau
jesse keller looks like justin tradeau

These two politicians are very similar in their looks, the way they carry themselves and many other things.

Before One week of a national election in the Netherlands, Jesse Klaver is mixing his youthful enthusiasm for a leftwing platform as an offer alternative to Dutch voters who might be worn out of centrist politics or flinching from far  right populism.

And if we happen to  judge  by the polls, it is paying off for very young 30 year old leader of the Green Left party, who aspires to become the country’s prime minister but is not likely to get enough support for that to happen about  this time.

jesse, like other mainstream political leaders, disapproves the anti-Islam, anti-immigrant intentions of right wing populist Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom, which has seen antecedently  strong polls numbers erode as next Wednesday’s election went its closer.

jesse keller looks like justin tradeau
jesse keller looks like justin tradeau

Klaver’s support for an inclusive society is not astonishing; his dad is Moroccan, but he was grown up by his mother, who belongs to Indonesian descent. He is more pro-migrant than many other parties which are participating, which have been pushed to the right by Wilders’ laws.

Klaver in an interview  with the associated press said that “When I give a sight to the international media, they are paying a lot of observation to Geert Wilders and that’s not the Netherlands, it’s just a part of the Nation, And you see that our party, we are gaining momentum and we are just the contradiction of what is happening with Geert Wilders.”

Klaver is presently one of  the four Greens lawmakers in the 150-seat lower house.

It appears a long way from the time a  journalist dismissively called him a “snotty kid” on national television two years ago. The affront turned jesse into a household name, and soon he is  his party’s leader.


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