People can’t get over the new feature called ‘WhatsApp Stories’. However, it’s new only in the sense that it’s new to this specific app. Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook have already had it for a while.

Originally, this feature was unique to Snapchat. ‘Stories’ are photographs that users can upload. These photographs are visible to your entire contact list. Additionally, they disappear after a set period of 24 hours. You can also add text, filters, and drawings depending on the app.

Whatsapp has a meeting feature called stories.
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Do we need this feature?

Today’s generation already hates opening their eyes to 200 ‘Good morning’ texts on the family group. Consequently, this feature is not a very welcome addition to the app.

Unsurprisingly, when stories were Snapchat only, they were loved by the youth. However, seeing a long list of stories uploaded by long lost relatives is bound to take the excitement out of the feature. Moreover, do we really need to be updated with every person’s actions every minute?


Other new features of WhatsApp

On the other hand, the option to ‘delete message for all’ is a welcome change. You can delete a message for everyone in the conversation. This helps in case of an accidental message being sent. Besides, instead of just getting it, it also informs the other person. Therefore, there is proof if someone uses this feature for wrong purposes.


The good thing about WhatsApp stories

On the other hand, stories help elders interact with the youngsters. They bring them one step closer to understanding technology. Moreover, stories are a good way to publicly express your good wishes for somebody’s birthday. Since stories stay for an exact 24 hours, they are perfect you wish anybody for a special occasion.

Whatsapp's stories feature was first seen on Snapchat.
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Every new feature is welcomed with mixed reviews. Similarly, people can’t get over this feature- whether it’s using it or making fun of it. Why don’t you make use it for yourself and find out how you feel about it?




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