What To Do If The Girl Has A Bad Character?

She does not respond to letters, constantly demands from you impossible, arranges scandals, keeps arrogantly and is always ready for some eccentric act? Congratulations, your Girl is a real bitch. But let’s figure it out, is it as terrible as it seems at first glance.

Of course, you can say that she’s just “complicated” or “sometimes unbearable,” but it’s better to call things by their own names, right? In addition, pretty girls themselves do not mind name themselves so and even sometimes proud of it. It’s not usually difficult to identify such ones: they do not answer letters, make scandals, behave arrogantly, demonstratively, eccentrically.

There are several types of such girls and you need to be able to handle each of them.

  1. A girl fixated on an ideal visual range and abundance. If you have chosen such a girl and she has chosen you, then you worth each other. Do not deceive yourself: you also need only a beautiful Instagram, which you can brag to your friends. The central figure of this Instagram is a well-groomed girl with an ideal tan and a snow-white smile that coquettishly holds the Eiffel tower in her hand, then voluptuously embraces with a palm tree, barely covered with a bikini. Behind the scenes, she is capricious and rude with the waiters.
girl, bad character

Such a girl does not need anything from you, except for the shiny things she saw in the next glossy magazine. I have only one advice for you, my friend – start reading glossy magazines too. So you will always know what she wants and you will achieve full mutual understanding. If you date with such a girl, this is the only practical advice for you.

  1. It is important to distinguish between bitch and feminist. The first does not always mean the second, and vice versa. If your woman is a feminist but you do not want to lose her, just become a feminist yourself, now this is a grateful (and noble) direction of thought. Read the books of Simone de Beauvoir and Barbara Ehrenreich, speak about unshaven armpits with respect and without respect – about any kind of sexism.

And if not, then, having reached a limit, slowly surrender. Often give her flowers. With tenderness, speak about her freckles. Suggest to see all the same “Casablanca”, if possible, let the meager tear – the unexpected manifestation of the male sentiment will puzzle even the most aggressive girl with a bad character.

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  1. A common type of bad character girl is a woman-neurosis. She just seems like a bitch, in fact, somewhere very deep inside, she’s just a girl, who was always compared to others-the best-girls and rarely praised by her parents. Such girls very rarely coincide with reality.
Girl-bad character

They are always running somewhere and trying to grab everything that comes to hand first. Then after they come to the fitness clubs before opening and pedal until the hall is filled with lazier individuals to show how good they are.

They arrange workshops, from which the co-workers crawl on all fours, crushed by the energy of their boss. They drink smoothies from the fruit delivered by the special flight from Samui.

Such women need total recognition and admiration – they are sure that people love for something, and not just for that. Your task is to show her that this is not so. She is not bad character girl at all. Praise her for everything, do not be afraid to say something to her, from which in normal life you would have pain in cheekbones. At first, she will be angry and fend off your compliments, like a patient in exorcism sessions. Do not give up! Be persistent: smile, hug, praise her to heaven – and someday she will definitely… relax.

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