[Watch Video] Japanese Girl Named Asuka Kamimura Operates Calculator At Speed Of 9 Hits Per Second!

You will be astonished to know that the Japanese who have far excelled in the field technology, still rely on  calculator for their daily office use. And to make you more surprised a Japanese girl named Asuka Kamimura has taken this thing to yet another level as she uses a calculator faster than anyone else in the whole world. Asuka Kamimura works in a Japanese firm which requires her to do calculations at top speed. And this young Japanese Asuka Kamimura is really a winner, as she operates a simple scientific calculator at an amazing speed of 9 hits per second!

We live in an era largely driven by technology but still there are many sections in the society who do not even have an access to a mere smart phone. It seems like Japan is going to beat the rest of the world in almost every departments. And here is the proof, which you can watch in the above video. A normal Japanese girl named Asuka Kamimura utilizes a scientific calculator similar to a robot. Asuka is so fast in calculation that she could easily hit at least 9 buttons in just one second! Can you imagine? 9 Hits per second? I think we must see the above video in a slow motion to analyze how fast she is at doing calculation. We bet, she alone can do the entire work of her company! Just kidding!!

Forget the speed of her work, she even maintains accuracy in her calculations so much so that her company’s boss assigns her to check other employees’ work too. “Her calculations are fast and accurate,” the boss says.

Asuka Kamimura takes this passion of her, fast calculator operating skill, very seriously. She participates in many calculative speed contests to hone her skills and win prizes too. Her typing skills were also in the headlines recently.

Well, we are curious to know her salary! She is really a twin of a robot !

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