[Watch Video] How Sachin Tendulkar Stopped 2 Young Guys On Bike & Asked Them To Wear A Helmet !

Road accidents claim the number of lives in India. Every year there are many campaigns to make people aware of road safety, especially to two-wheelers where many are seeing riding without a helmet.

After showing his singing talent, Sachin Tendulkar has now joined in to make people aware of the safety on road and asked them to put on helmet whenever they are riding a two-wheeler.

In a video tweeted by the former Indian cricketer, he is asking two young boys to put on the helmet as they ride a scooter. He also asks another person who is riding a motorbike with a woman to put on the helmet for safety.

In the video, the two boys are trying to take a selfie with Tendulkar but he, in turn, says “Promise me one thing, next time you will use a helmet. It is dangerous for you like this. Life is precious. Is that a promise? 100 percent?” The two young boys “promise” Tendulkar that they will use helmet after the Master Blaster asked them to promise it to him.

While they managed to get a selfie with the cricketer, they promised him to use a helmet next time. The two person on the bike waved to Tendulkar from a distance and the cricketer asked them to use a helmet too.

Recently the government has also approved The Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill 2016 where Drivers who don’t wear a helmet while driving bikes and scooters would be fined Rs 1,000 and their license would be canceled for three months. They also have this time made strict rules for juveniles.

motor actEven then people are not taking things seriously. What is your opinion? Does government have to make more strict rules or any other major step should be taken? Do comment! We would love to hear what the country thinks about this.

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