US Soldiers Killed Brutally By The ISIS Militants

Desperate moments and death of 4 US Soldiers by ISIS in Niger

A shocking video that ISIS disclosed last Sunday is haunting the viewers and the rest of the world. It clearly reveals the desperate final moments and deaths of four US soldiers as ISIS fighters ambush them in Niger.


On October 4 in Tongo Tongo, 50 ISIS militants killed the 4 US soldiers. The video length is 9 minute, 15-seconds shot with multiple helmet cams. A unit of 12 American special forces soldiers along with 30 Nigerien troops returned from the village near the border with Mali. They had been eagerly searching for a senior Islamic State member and suddenly there occurred the ambush. The full video, which is extremely graphic and having distressed content has not gone on air. Only the withheld portions are present and the same in detail is there on this page below.

US soldiers_3
Bryan Black(Staff Sergeant), 35- Killed In Action
Jeremiah Johnson(Staff Sergeant ), 39- Killed In Action
Dustin Wright(Staff Sergeant), 29- Killed In Action
Sergeant La David Johnson, 25- Killed In Action

What Happened that Merciless day?

In the first place, from a number of jihadist groups in West Africa in March 2017 a group naming JNIM exists. In the video released, the opening scene was a shot of jihadists driving around a desert landscape. They were carrying heavy machine-gun mounted vehicles. Then it cuts ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and members of the Sahel-based group Jamaat Nusrat al-Islam wal-Muslimin (JNIM) swearing allegiance to the ‘caliphate’. The members initially pledged for fidelity to al-Qaeda.

ISIS strategy

A voice speaks over the video in Arabic, while showing some upsetting photos of the dead US soldiers. Also, it then shows images of American training Niger troops. It is quite ambiguous about ISIS receiving all the images. Probably they took these from captured Americans or from their networking source. Struck on 2 minutes, the clip shows a US-led force, including a white truck with a mounted machine gun and an SUV, on patrol in Niger ahead of the October 4 ambush. The video was recorded from the helmet camera of one of the soldiers. The militants certainly took it after the ambush. Consequently, as the clip continues the ISIS militants fired bullets surrounding the soldiers’ group. The soldiers wanted to hide behind their patrol vehicle before using colored smoke grenades. They did this because they hoped to get the attention of friendly aircraft flying overhead.

Heartbreaking details

After some time the group suffers their first casualty as one soldier got hit by a bullet and falls to the ground. When others rush to move his body to the cover of the SUV, it has been disabled. The soldiers couldn’t help but run away from the place. Due to the panic among the remaining soldiers as the two men run, the video jumps into the clip of showing one of them shot and killed. Another of the soldier down to the ground, the ISIS jihadists the body and continue to shoot him brutally from near. Consecutively the video then cuts to show the bodies of two men smeared with blood and stripped of their guns and boots. US and allies killed 21 out of the attacking pack 50 ISIS militants. In the end, a scene of several ISIS members on motorbikes and other vehicles was unveiled.

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To train local forces and operate drones, there was 800 US military personnel. The incident is raising questions about the US military’s role in Niger. It also arouses a furious row between President Donald Trump and a Floridan Democratic congresswoman. She claimed that he slighted the family of one of the soldiers.

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