Unravel 10 Weird & Unknown Facts About Female Body & Get To Know Your Woman Much Better Now!

A female has a body to respect for always. Every woman may have different body measurements and mental ability. There should not be any ideal measurements to judge a woman. The body is not a thing to judge how a woman looks like.

There are several changes throughout the life of which a woman come across but it doesn’t mean that the charm of the lady is lost. Here are some of the facts about woman body and mind that are not known by men:

1. The two breasts of women are never of equal size. There is just a minute difference on which they differ which is not easily measurable. But every woman has them of different size.

2. Women work more from their minds and have more hormonal changes than men and so they suffer four times as many headaches as men.2.

3. The most beautiful part of woman’s face is her smile. And she uses it more, it is fact that woman smile 60 times a day whereas a man smiles 10 times.3.

4. The other pretty part of women’s dace are the eyes and she uses it most. They also can make people fall for them. They blink their pretty eyes two times as the men do.4.

5. The woman is the one who gives birth to the happiness for her and her family. At it is proven through a research that the beauty of a child depends on what a mother eats during her pregnancy. So don’t ear bad food if you want a pretty child.5.

6. The times heard women’s also love orgasms but it is more than men. Women’s always have multiple orgasms to satisfy themselves whereas men’s do have break between two also.6.

7. All men are always afraid that their wives and girlfriends don’t talk the things from past, but this is a thing because women’s brain show better recalling power and memory.7.

8. Women’s are the best pain bearers, it may be birth giving or of other diseases. It is a fact that women love more than men do, they have more immunity to fight over illness as they had a healthier lifestyle.8.

9. Trust is a thing which is very hard to gain in this time. But it is a fact that a woman trusts a person who hugged her for 15 seconds for continuously.9.

10. It is a proven fact that a woman gets attracted to men by his attractiveness and resources whereas men go for youth and attractiveness.10.

These are all facts about women.I wish this will help men know that.

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