5 Unique Career Choices in Engineering

When a student reaches the 10th standard, every relative gives first golden advice to work hard, or he won’t be select science field. After picking Maths in 12th, a second notice is given to score good marks in 12th and select engineering. In engineering, the main options are Software engineering, Mechanical engineering, and Civil engineering. There are many other options in engineering which are more promising.


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Here are the unique career choices

1.Sports Engineering

Most of us love sports, what if we get a chance to combine sports and technology? That is what Sports engineering is about. Our job would be to create unique equipment, sports clothing, and tracking devices. These career is promising as nowadays government and private firms are trying to provide the lightest and fastest equipment to the athlete.

2.Space Engineering

Space engineering deals with atrophy, astronomy, and types of equipment that used in spacecraft. Everything involved with space like space mission of sending spacecraft into space and exploring.

3.Mining Engineering

Mining engineering involves the process of extracting minerals and converting them into useful resources. It also involves creating and using machines and equipment used in mining. The work of engineers in this career is to include exploration of mines, budgeting and feasibility studies, planning design of the mines and its execution, production, operation, and closure of mines.

4. Phonetics

This engineering career involves the study of generation, control, and detection of light or photon particles. The opportunities have increased in this field due to the need of light in the various field of communications, imaging, health care and medicine, defense, aerospace and many other areas.

5.Paper-pulp Engineering

Paper-pulp engineering deals with converting raw material into paper products. It involves the process of making paper, cardboard and other paper materials. This career has a close relation with forestry department and recycling of paper.

Aniyari Athira P.

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