Unique Beach That Exists Secretly. Know Them?

Unique Beach You Don’t Know. Exists.

Beach is always the centre of attraction among the people. In countries like Switzerland, France etc. people are fond of going to Beach. There are some key features that make every beach different from the others. They are different because of their secret existence or the way they were created. So, there are some top most Unique Beach you do not know about!

1. The Hidden Beach

beautiful and unique beach brings the stars to the shore
The Hidden Beach

It is very difficult to tag The Hidden Beach unless you are not told about it. All good things have a hard past behind them. And the Hidden Beach also have some. This beach is seen from the zenith because it appears like a flat land. This beach was formed violently when the Mexican Government used this area for the Bomb testing. And the blast created a huge hole way down which forms an amazing swimming point. And this makes The Hidden Beach a Unique Beach.


2. The Glowing Beach

most rare and unique beach that looks like starry night sky
The Glowing Beach

This beach is called as the Glowing Beach because it is so mesmerizing that it is a perfect point for Honeymoon. It is located on the Maldives shore. The Phytoplankton glows when they are distributed and they make the sight even more beautiful. At night when the glow is even the brightest, it makes a perfect scenario of the fairy tale. This glow and charm of the Glowing Beach make the difference from the others.

3. The Hot Water Beach

nearest public beach access
The Hot Water Beach

This is like a hot water pool. It is located in the countryside of the New Zealand in Coromandel Peninsula. You have to dig to some shallow depth and then sit and relax! This geothermal spring water has a temperature up to 147 Fahrenheit. This automatic heater is an uncommon Beach.

4. The Green Beach

beautiful and green beach brings the stars to the shore
The Green Beach

Green Beach has a rich heritage of moss. And this beach is all covered in moss. This Beach is situated in the Hawaii. At first sight, it seems like there is just greenery and nothing else. But slowly when you go ahead you will slip into the sea of water unknowingly. This is really a wonderful peculiar destination every traveler will love to go. This is one of the greenest Beach in the world.

5. The Desert Beach

unusual rare and beautiful beach
The Desert Beach

This Beach is present in Brazil at the Lencois Marenhenses National Park. This beach is very far from the water bodies. They are different because they appear to be water body itself. The people of the Brazil suggests going to the national park between May to September because during this time you will definitely enjoy the weather. During heavy rainfalls, you will see fishes in the desert. This beach is unique because it does not have a hot climate, unlike others.

Beauty Of The Beach

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