Mistakes in Body language that can cost you your life

Mistakes in Body language that can cost you your life

When we meet someone for the first time, it is our expression and body language from which they make an image of us. This is important to have a proper body language which shows your personality. No matter how compelling your talking is if you don’t mix it with your body language. You may not succeed.

examples of insecure body language
Body Language tricks.

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Here are some tips on how to maintain a functional body language.

Also, leave an everlasting positive image!!

1.Smiling- A body language which says a lot

body language definition - Show Your Smile
Show Your Smile.

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Smiles are contagious as well shows your confidence. This is one facial expression which means a lot and can hide a lot.

Smiles can help you win hearts and much more.

So keep smiling

2.Eye contact- too important  body language to avoid

body language examples | understanding body language
Essential to maintaining eye contact.

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Never avoid eye contact when talking. Be it in mass or with a single person. Eye contact is vital. Not making eye contact says you are not confident or not interested. Both the cases are not favorable to you.

Make eye contact and show your confidence whenever you talk.

3.Gestures: Important to know how much we reveal

body language in communication
Important to control Gestures.

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Monitoring your movements is an important step to improve your body language. Sometimes gestures are essential to show the weight of the topic. But excessive gestures can make you look less professional and lacking in confidence.

So make gestures but not too much. After all excess of anything is harmful!

4.Closeness while talking

Make sure to maintain your space while speaking. Invading someone’s personal space is not acceptable.

It can create a fight or flight response in someone if you invade their personal space.

So make sure to have space while talking.

5.Looking Bored

Don’t Look Bored (Source: Google)

Never look bored while in a gathering or with people. This shows your lack of interest and creates a not so good image.

So, Keep looking interested and not a round ball of boredom.

worst body language mistakes to avoid
Smile (Source: Google)


Lastly, we would hope these tips may help you create an excellent lasting image.

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Keep smiling and Spreading Positivity!



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