Twitter Users Saluted Rishabh Pant For Showing Superb Performance In Spite Of Father’s Death!

Rishabh Pant, the wicketkeeper of Delhi Daredevils team experienced a major tragedy. When whole of India was busy celebrating the IPL fever. Just before the match, Rishabh came to know that his father got a heart attack and passed away in sleep. For Rishabh, this was not less than a disaster and he immediately rushed to his hometown to perform the last rites of his dad.


However, just 3 days after this mind stress, Rishabh was back on field to display his power-packed performance. He played wonderfully in the match against RCB and didn’t let the father’s death effect his game.

Even though Delhi loss the match against Bangalore but his team captain Zaheer Khan praised him and said “Pant played really well, just needed support. Showed a lot of courage, takes a lot of heart, has undergone personal trauma. We are all with him.”

Everyone loved his spirit and appreciated him for the same; even the commentators enjoyed Rishabh’s game and loved the way he batted, in spite of being under pressure.

First Innings :
C Gayle(6) and S Watson (24) took the opening partnership in which Gayle was dismissed at 6. The captain S Watson (24) contributed along with M singh(12) and K Jadhav(69) to raise the total above century.

K Jadhav hit fifty using 37 balls with 5 fours and 5 sixes in his innings.RCB scored 157 runs by losing 8 wickets.

And in Bowlers of Delhi Z Khan(2 wickets) and C Morris(3 wickets) takes a most wickets.

Second Innings :
A Tare(18) and S Billings (25) led the opening partnership for Delhi. After dismissing of Tare at 18, Billings (25) and Rishabh Pant(57) took the score above 100.

Rishabh Pant scored the maxium number of runs for his team by scoring a total of 57 runs using 3 fours and 4 sixes.


Even losing match against Bangalore Some cricketers and fans took to Twitter to cheer Delhi player  Rishabh Pant for his performance.

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