Twitter at matchmaking

We all may have heard the phrase marriages are made in heaven. ¬†“Mujhe Tumse Tumhari cash value ke Liye Nahi tumhari apni value ke Liye Shaadi karni hai … tumhari friendship Ki value, tumhari beauty ki value, tumhari hassi ki value”¬†This dialogue from Dawat-e-Ishq was suited to this scene when Phil and Lila got married.


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We all have heard of phrases like I met my partner at a party thrown by my friend’s friend or I met him on Facebook or the most interesting one I met him at the marriage of my friend’s brother. All this now are going to be a part of history. We have a now a cooler couple who met on Twitter and got married. No, I am not saying Twitter is doing matchmaking now – a – days but when Lila spontaneously twitted the need of man to go to the marriage of her sister and Phil replied with I am ready with a suite. Let us just say a lot can happen over a tweet.

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Now as the conversation or should I say flirting continued they decided to attend the wedding. As the time passes they got to know each other, and now three years later they are married.

So all those single people out there in the world, there is a chance of meeting your soulmate through Twitter. Try being spontaneous who knows what you will get!

And we all wish all the best to the newlyweds!!!


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