TV Actors Who Are The Victims of Typecasting……

For TV actors, one of the greatest concerns is becoming victims of Typecasting. The main concern for many actors can be the possibility of being typecast as a certain character. There have been many instances in which an actor becomes so well known for a particular role or certain characteristics that it becomes almost impossible to find work playing different parts. It’s the reason some actors take less money to show their chops in serials or hold out for other roles, sometimes without positive results.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that all actors reject the idea of being typecast — some actors embrace it and in some cases have made careers of it. Here are some of the actors who have been widely typecast as a particular character over the course of their careers.



Ram Kapoor. His debut serial was Nyay on DD channel. He went on to be a part of popular serials like Kasam Se, Bade Acche Lagte Hai among others. Whenever you see him on TV, you will certainly take a moment to find out whether you are watching Kasam Se or Bade Acche Lagte Hai especially when he is only one in the frame. Always suit-booted, frustrated, ranting, Ram Kapoor is always a Business Man in most of the TV serials.



Like Sr., N.T.R was GOD of Tollywood. Similarly, Sourabh Jain is GOD of Indian TV. He is mostly sighted in the roles of GOD in the serials he acted in. Is one of the actors who are victims of Typecasting.



A Fiery young business man who rancors the girl, with whom he eventually falls in love with. An actor par preeminence is one of the victims of Typecasting.



His entire role in all his serials has always been steady. The way he carts his dialogues with a noticeable pause in between words, that regularly raised eyebrow and poker face is his signature style in TV serials. He’s one of the victims of Typecasting.



We affectionately remember him for his show Pyar Ki Yeh Ekk Kahani in which he played the role of vampire called Abhay , Our Indian Edward . He hardly spoke in the show but still won the hearts of the audience with his constant poker face and killer silence. Still, he is one of the victims of Typecasting.

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