Turkey –Destination And Unknown Facts Of Blue Mosque Country

Turkey map

Turkey is the gateway between Europe and Asia which located on the Mediterranean stretching across the Anatolian in Anatolian peninsula in southwest Asia and the Balkan region of southeastern Europe.The nation which recognizes the equality of the gender and gave women the right to vote before other European countries and United states.

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 Destination to visit 



Pamukkale means cotton castle which is famous for its 17 hot springs and fairytale like the location. This place of Turkey got transformed into the spa for the mineral bath. It has theatre and Archaeological museum.


Antalya has a beautiful beach and resorts with beautiful scenery.

3.Blue Mosque, Istanbul:


If you visit here, this is the must visit the place. Blue Mosque located in Istanbul. This mosque has blue tiles on the walls of its interior.

4.Gallipoli, Turkey:

memorial of soldiers, Turkey
memorial of soldiers

This place  is made in the memory of the several soldiers sacrificed their life at the Dardanelles and Sphinx for Anzac cave. It has amazing natural environment to look around.


Unknown Facts 

Istanbul Tunel,Turkey
Istanbul Tunel
  1. The Istanbul Tunel is the world’s second largest underground railway .
  2. Tercuman Cikmazi which means Translator’s Dead End is a street in Istanbul.
  3. There are over 170 universities in here.
  4. Turkey introduced cherries to the world.
  5.  Wearing headscarf is forbidden.
  6. According to a tradition of Turkey, if a stranger comes to your doorstep that means “God’s guest” for minimum 3 days.
  7. Sabiha Gokcen was the world’s first female fighter pilot and the first Turkish female combat pilot.
  8. Whirling Dervishes are the dancers originated in the
  9. It is important for Eastern Orthodox Christians.
  10. Batman is the city over here.

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