Travel tips you can do in Mumbai Which You Will Love During This Monsoon Season!

Bombay to Mumbai, the name may have changed, but hasn’t changed is the eternal beauty of this city when it downpours. Thanks to ‘Wake Up Sid’ and a million other Bollywood movies for capturing the true spirit of the monsoon in Mumbai. The reasonable skyline with clouds as noticeable as would be prudent, raindrops grasping your face like a gentle wind, a measure of cutting chai, and your favorite beats out of sight will surely get right in the feels the significance you step out. Also, whether you’re taking a trip to Mumbai with your friends, your significant other, or without anyone else’s input, the delight of Mumbai monsoon is worth experiencing

This city of dreams, which is home to both rich and poor, has a lot of tourist attractions, and a never-ending list of things to do, but these five moments are worth experiencing amid the monsoon!

1. Have a famous cutting chai at Marine Drive and appreciate the beautiful view
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There is no time better than the monsoon to have a conversation over cutting chai with your dear friends or family. And keeping in mind that it’s down-pouring, there is no place more perfect than Marine Drive to feel the moment! Let the melody of ‘Ik Tara’ or your most favorite song settle your ears as you sit to watch the clouds dancing as the waves demonstrate their moves too, and appreciate the great cutting chai or the puri.

2. Appreciate the Sealink or romanticize with your significant another close to the Worli Seaface
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On the off chance that there’s anything more gorgeous than the Sealink, then it’s the Seaface at Worli. Likewise, this is the best place to go out on the town with your loved one when it’s drizzling. Discover a shade that’s sufficiently cozy for both of you and appreciate the rain. The picturesque beauty of the place won’t just make you fall head over heels for nature, but additionally for each other. Hold hands, sit near each other, and let the raindrops embrace you both while you whisper the magical words.

3. Appreciate the gorgeous view of the skyline at Bandra Bandstand
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The never-ending stories of the eye-catching Mannat and how someone can spot King Khan, have made Bandra Bandstand a famous hotspot for any individual who visits the city. Furthermore, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t!You can Visit the place with your family or friends, get a bite of the zesty bhuttas while you sit at the stones and appreciate the beautiful view. There’s no better time than the Mumbai monsoon to visit this place!

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