Top Mothers of Bollywood who are actually younger than their onscreen Sons!!

Bollywood has introduced many popular faces as mothers. And it is their role of Mother of the lead actor, that has gathered fame to them. Mothers in Melodrama Bollywood movies play a very vital role. But are these mothers really capable of being called mother, being younger than their onscreen Sons? Here are some of that Mother-son pair of Bollywood:

1. Reema Lagoo and Sanjay Dutt:

58 years old Reema Lagoo played mother to 57-year-old Sanjay Dutt in the movie Vaastav in 1999. Not just Sanjay-Dutt, she has been very popular as an Onscreen mother to many popular Actors like Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, and Amir Khan.

Sanjay younger

2. Nargis Dutt- Sunil Dutt and Rajendra Kumar:

Popularly known for the very famous movie “Mother India,” Nargis became the onscreen mother of Sunil Dutt and Rajendra Kumar. Surprisingly they all were of same age 28 when the film released in 1957.

Nargis younger

3. Shefali Shah and Akshay Kumar:

Shefali Shah being 33 played the mother of Akshay Kumar who was 38 at the time of the release of movie Waqt in the year 2005. This is the proof of anything can happen in Bollywood. No wonder in some years Kareena Kapoor would be playing the mother of Arjun Kapoor, funny though.

Shefali younger

4. Supriya Karnik and Hrithik Roshan:

Looking younger than his son onscreen due to her flawless personality, Supriya Karnik played mother to Hrithik in Romantic drama Yaadein. She is just one year older than Hrithik has played the role amazingly that didn’t show off her age.

Hrithik, younger

5. Himani Shivpuri and Salman Khan:

Himani Shivpuri has been one of Bollywood’s favorite mother. She has played several other roles like Masi, bua etc. She played mother to Salman Khan, who happens to be just five years younger than her in various movies. Himani is now 56 years old while Salman is 51.

Himani. younger

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