Haunted Places In The World That Will Make You Shiver

All of us have grown up with stories of haunted houses and horror incidents. There are very few of us that can claim that a strange noise doesn’t give us goosebumps. People who seek out horror will find this list perfect. The ones who are easily scared should read on to find out which places to avoid. Those who don’t know what to believe in can add something new to their bucket list!

Moundsville Penitentiary, U.S.A.

The Moundsville Penetitiary is believe to be haunted by ghosts of prisoners.
source: Wikipedia

The Moundsville Penitentiary in West Virginia was one of America’s most violent correctional facilities. Apparently, riots were caused as the 1,000 prisoners lived in cramped quarters for hundred years. Moreover, prisoners were hanged or killed in the electric chairs. Other prisoners also murdered some.  According to some, tortured spirits are still behind the bars since the prison closed in 1995. Correspondingly, a lot of tourists and guides have reported hearing tortured wails. People have allegedly felt sudden changes in the environment when on a tour.

Bhangarh Kila, India

Bhangarh Kila is considered the most haunted place in India.
source: Wikipedia

The Bhangarh Kila is located in Rajasthan, India. According to legend, a black magic sorcerer is said to be responsible for its haunted nature. He cursed the residents of the place of being rejected by a princess. Allegedly, all were fated to die an unnatural death and their spirits were to roam the kila for centuries.  One can seldom find a temporary household in the close periphery of this fort. Not to mention, the village households found here are without roofs. The popular belief and experience are that the moment a rooftop is built on a house it collapses. People are not allowed to spend the night in the fort. Nobody who has been to this place after dark has returned.

The Haunted Ancient Ram Inn, England

The Haunted Ancient Ram Inn is believed to be haunted by twenty ghosts.
source: Wikipedia

The 12th-century Inn “Ancient Ram Inn” is a located in Wotton-under-Edge in England. Many people have owned the inn since 1145. It is currently in the private ownership of John Humphries. It was built on a pagan burial ground and more than twenty spirits haunt it. This includes ghost children, a pagan high priestess, and an incubus. Additionally, people wanting to have a ‘haunted holiday’ consider this Inn is an amazing choice. An incubus has pushed down multiple guests. Furthermore, they have reported weird noises

All the best for the next horror adventure if you are among the daring ones!

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