Top Amazing Health Benefits Of Onion

Top Amazing health benefits of Onion

Onions are rich in Vitamin C and other recognized antioxidants, which increase body’s immunity.
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Onion is one of the healthiest vegetables on the list of healthy and delicious foods. They might not be at the top of your healthy snack list, but you should make efforts to include them regularly in your diet nonetheless. There are quite a few health benefits to eating onions and we’ve included just 10 below to get you started on understanding why this vegetable is so important for good health.

This member of the lily family makes your food yummy. From time immemorial, the onion has been such an important ingredient. People actually used to pay their rents with it. Onions contain phenolics and flavonoids that have potent anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-cholesterol properties.


According to the wiki, The onion also known as the bulb onion or common onion is a vegetable that is the most widely cultivated species of the genus Allium. Its close relatives include the garlic, shallot, leek, chive, and Chinese onion. So, friends, this was about the onion, now talking about its good effects…

Onions contain Chromium and Chromium help to fight insulin resistance. Controlling glucose levels is extremely important for those suffering from diabetes, and including onions in your diet can reduce the risk of your developing insulin resistance.

Chromium is needed to assist with insulin activity when metabolizing fat, protein, and carbohydrates in other foods that have been consumed. Remember there are all kinds of different onions and some have different health properties. For instance, red onions contain Quercetin.

Quercetin is useful in helping the body to fight off free radicals, which are thought to be a factor in cancer.It also has many other beneficial properties including anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial uses, too. Adding red onions to a salad each day could assist your body to reduce the risk of developing stomach cancer.

Quercetin is believed to also aid in pain relief. Eating raw onion in a salad or with your evening meal can help to activate the natural pain-relieving feature of the onion. Antioxidants are considered important in our diet to fend off cancer as well as minor illness.

Onions are rich in Vitamin C and other recognized antioxidants, which can help to increase your body’s immunity. Onion is really an Amazing vegetable to have your fried vegetables, boiled one or raw.

Let’s talk about the direct best preventive measures of Onion.

Health benefits of consuming Onions.
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1. Prevents Diabetes

A single serving of onions contains 27% of biotin DRI. Biotin has many positive impacts on your health, one of which is combatting symptoms associated with type 2 diabetes.

Early research also suggests that a combination of biotin and chromium might help regulate blood sugar and even decrease insulin resistance.

2. Healthy Skin

Biotin is also important for maintaining healthy skin.It is used to treat brittle nails, prevent hair loss (although research is still ongoing as to its effectiveness in this regard) and maintain skin health.

3. Lowers Blood Pressure

The sulfur in onions acts as a natural blood thinner and it prevents blood platelets from collecting. This is good for lowering blood pressure and preventing a risk of heart attack or stroke because you are more susceptible if blood platelets clog up.And what about quercetin? Of course, you do. Well, it also helps prevent plaque buildup in arteries which is also good for preventing heart attack and stroke.

4. Improved Immunity

Onions contain both vitamin C and photochemical that increase the effectiveness of vitamin C in your body.What does that mean? A healthier, more effective immune system, that’s what.

5. Prevents Cancer

Quercetin possesses potent antioxidants, which fight against cancer-causing free radicals. Free radicals are also chemical compounds that damage cell membranes and cause cell death. Onions are rich in quercetin and thus are a powerful weapon in the war against cancer.

6. Bone Density

Onions bolster bone density for older women.One study found that menopausal women who incorporated onions into their diet had a 20% lower risk of health disease.

7. Relieves Stress

Quercetin protects your body against stress. When you have stressed out your body produces cortisol.While cortisol is totally normal, too much of it can damage muscle tissue and cause protein breakdown in the body.

That’s where quercetin-rich onions come in. During times of prolonged stress, quercetin suppresses enzyme required for cortisol release. Next time you have a stressful deadline to meet at work, bring along a few raw onions to snack on!

8. Lowers Cholesterol

Raw onion also promotes the production of HDL which is the good cholesterol that you need to stay healthy.

9. Anti-Inflammatory

Onions have anti-inflammatory properties help those suffering from joint pain and arthritis. the benefits of betalain are not limited to those with swollen joints. All disease is rooted in chronic inflammation and therefore, everyone should seek out foods with anti-inflammatory properties.

10. Digestion

Onions are high in fiber, which is good for maintaining a healthy and regular digestive system. Fiber prevents digestive pain and breaks down food can keep it moving. So keep having onions in your daily meal menu chart in all seasons and be disease free always!

“Prevention is better than cure”

Take care!!


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