Top 7 adventurous jobs in the world

We all are doing 9 to 6 jobs at our offices. But apart from these jobs, there is some special kind of jobs which have the adventure, fun as well as danger.

Yes, here we are discussing those interesting jobs which you will love to do.

1. Cave Divers

adventurous jobs

In this type of job, the divers have to dive in the caves present in the depth of the ocean. They experience extreme water pressure on their body. In addition, there is a danger of wild aquatic animals too.

2. Wildlife Guide

adventurous jobs

Being a wildlife guide is also among the dangerous and adventurous job in the world. As a tourist guide of wildlife, you will have to lead incoming tourists in the national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and make them aware of the species in that area.

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3. Storm Chasers

adventurous jobs

You might have seen video footage of cyclones, typhoons on Discovery Channel or NatGeo channel. They all are made through the courageous efforts of storm chasers. Instead of running away from these natural occurrences, storm chasers capture these moments in their high definition video cameras.

4. Stuntmen

adventurous jobs

Stunts in the films are either performed by the actor itself or by the stuntmen. Though the stuntmen don’t appear in the film, they lead a thrilling life, performing dangerous stunts as adventurous job in their career.

5. Wildlife Photographer

adventurous jobs

You might remember Madhwan’s role in 3 idiots. His dream was to become a Wildlife photographer as he was fond of taking pictures of wild animals. This job is quite interesting as well as dangerous enough.

6. Mount Everest Guide

adventurous jobs

Every year millions of trekkers visit Nepal for climbing the tallest peak of the world, Mount Everest. These climbers often hire Sherpas to accompany them for climbing the mountain. These sherpas act like Everest guide for everyone who joins the trekking for climbing Everest.

7. Skydiving Instructor

adventurous jobs

You might have seen this stunt in the film ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ in which all the three lead actors jump from the plane and perform skydiving in the air. Being a skydiving instructor will pay you a lot if you are experienced enough.

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