Top 6 Fascinating facts about Human Mind, life, dreams and Love that will Amuse you Completely!!

Here are some Amazing Thought-provoking Facts about Human Mind, Dreams and  Love that are going to make you all curious. These facts are somewhere known, but we tend to ignore them.


More specifically talking, what are the number of people you can have a stable social relationship. A relationship where you know who the person is and how each person can relate to every other person in the group and not Facebook friends. There is a limit to this number, and it is called DUNBAR’S NUMBER which is 150.

Group of happy friends

2. WHY?

Have you ever wondered why do we want things? Why do you feel the way you do about certain things? Why do you keep on living? So here is the answer to all these questions, DOPAMINE. Dopamine is a ‘ WANT‘ system created in various parts of our brain. It is the reason for all sorts of Brain Functions such as thinking, moving, Mood, Attention, and Reward.

why thing happen


Sometimes we may stay in a relationship which is probably wrong for us which blinds us to the negative of our partner or make them seem more active. This is known as ‘HALO EFFECT’ when one good quality spills its appeal over other elements of a person’s Character.

Halo Effect


In Your Dreams, you tend to see only those people or things you have come across in your real life, whether you know them or not. Nothing that you haven’t experienced or seen in your real life will ever come in you Dreams.Sometimes you might have seen some people or places you think you haven’t seen but in reality, you have seen them at some point in time but don’t remember.

5. Rapid Eye Movement Dream:

At this stage, you are basically in the deepest sleep, and something interesting happens, Your body becomes completely paralyzed. A very scary side effect of this stage is that if you are suddenly woken up of this stage, you can experience sleep paralysis. So be careful the next time you wake up someone from their deep sleep.

Sleep paralysis

6. LOVE:

  • Try looking at your partner for 3-4 minutes eye-to-eye, If you are truly in love, your Heart rates will start to synchronize in the same direction.
  • The Longest married couple recorded till now was married in 1925 and are still married as of 2017, 92 years of togetherness.
  • Falling in love costs you to lose at least two of your friends. Be careful while you fall in love next time!!

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