Top 5 Steps To Speed Up Your Android Phone

Top 5 Steps To Speed Up Your Android Phone

We often spend a lot of money on the smartphone which consists of amazing specs and features. Eventually, the phone will get stuck which is an indication of the reduction in performance and the processing speed. Every Android user faces this issue after using it for a specific period. So, instead of wasting your time and money in mobile shops follow these Top 5 elegant and straightforward steps to speed up your Android Phone.

1)Disable or Reduce the animation level

Top 5 Steps to make android phone run faster
Setting the Animation Scale (Reference Google)

Animations reduce the performance of a device. So, disabling or reducing the level or scale of animation is the first and foremost thing you need to do to speed up your device. To modify this setting, you need to be a developer. So, go to the Settings–>About Phone–>Build Number or Version, then tap on it until you get a message “You are a developer now.” Then search for System Animations or go to Developer Options and go to animations. You will find different options based on the device you use. Disable or reduce the levels of animation in every section possible.

2)Use third-party launcher

Third-party apps are the best ways to get a lightning user experience. Those apps will speed up your navigation and allow you to make some custom changes to the app drawer which gives a smooth and faster user experience. The best and most downloaded launchers are Nova, Evie, Go, and Apex Launchers, and you can also go to the play store to choose a launcher of your choice.

speed up android phone performance android table without rooting
Third -party Launchers (Reference Google)

3)Clear the cache data

how do make my android phone and android tablet faster?
Clear Cache Data (Reference Google)

Cache data is used to load an app quickly. But, it will eventually slow down the device by consuming more space over time. Moreover, no valuable information lies in the cache. So, go to the Settings–>Storage Settings–>Cache Data and clear the cache data by tapping on it. You can also use some apps like CCleaner, Clean Master, etc., in Play Store for this purpose.

4)Delete/Manage background apps

Manage background apps to make your phone faster
Background Apps Processing (Reference Google)

Multitasking also reduces the speed and performance of the Android Phone beyond the permissible limit. So, make sure that there is no background process of the app running after you end the application. To disable or prevent the apps or junk files from running in the background go to Settings–>App Settings–>Installed Apps–>Running Apps, stop the apps which are running in the background or you can do it by press the home or one of three device buttons at the bottom to clear the background app process.

5)Do factory reset

 speed up android phone performance and make it faster
Factory Resetting Samsung Device (Reference Google)

Factory reset is the last option one should prefer doing if your device is not all performing well even after completing the previous steps. If you prefer factory reset, make sure you back up everything on your device and then go to Settings–>Additional Settings–>Backup & Reset–>Factory Reset or you can search in the settings search bar.

These are the Top 5 steps to increase the speed of your device. Please comment below and let me know what will you prefer to speed up your device.


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