Top 5 Sexiest Female Politicians in the World!!

Politics is always seen as a male dominating field where aged people with boring looks are present. But with the changing era, young people are more and more engaging in politics with their vision to change the world. In addition to that, young women are also coming up. Here is a list of Hottest Women Politicians around the world:

1. Yuri Fujikawa – Japan:

Ms. Yuri, 33 years old is considered as the hottest woman politician of the world. She has been addressed as “too beautiful to be a politician.” She is the councilwoman for Hachinohe City and a member of a conservative party.She has been voted as the world’s most beautiful politician by a Spanish Newspaper.

Yuri fujukawa politician

2. Luciana Leon- Peru:

She became General Secretary of the Aprista party’s youth wing at the age of just 14. She served there from 1993-1995. At the age of 31, in 2006, Luciana became the youngest woman of Peruvian Parliament. She has continuously been polled as the beautiful politicians of all times.

Luciana Leon politician

3. Mara Carfagna- Italy:

Maria Carfagna was a hot Italian Actress until she entered Politics in 2004. She is a member of Forza Italia Party, who was made the Minister of Equal Opportunity in 2008 by the Prime Minister. She is also considered hottest of all.

Mara Carafagna politician

4. Eva Kaili- Greece:

Eva Kaili is a former News presenter. She is also a member of Black Sea Economic Corporation(BSEC), of NATO Parliamentary Association. Because of her well-maintained figure and charm, she is considered as one of the hottest politicians.


5. Alina Kabaeva – Russia:

Alina Kabaeva has been the state Deputy from United States-Russia party since 2007. She is also one of the most appreciated gymnasts in the history of Gymnasts. She won Olympic medals, 14 world championships, and 25 Europian Championship medals. Her fitness and grace is the reason of her being in this list of world’s sexiest politicians.

Alina Kabaeva politician

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