Top 5 Mysterious Channels Of YouTube You Didn’t Know About!

YouTube is a swarm of videos. It is a great mode of entertainment. Whenever you feel bored, what do you do? You open YouTube and see some nice and entertaining videos. But do you know that every minute over 60 hours worth videos were being uploaded? So today we bring to you the top 5 mysterious YouTube channels that exist.

  • Webdriver torso YouTube channel

Webdriver mysterious YouTube channel
Webdriver torso YouTube channel Image source-Google

When you open this channel, the YouTube channel automatically changes to blue and red, and it is not the only thing which has made this channel popular. Every now and then, new content is continuously uploaded and each video lasts about 15-20s. All these videos are a combination of red and blue blocks accompanied by an irritating beep noise. Nobody knows what this is and why is this page exists on YouTube. Some people associate it with Aliens or Illuminati. But you’ll never find out the truth.

  • Secrets of NASA JIM 108

Nasa Jim 108 is a channel believed to be created by an Ex Nasa Employee on Youtube.
Nasa Jim 108 (Image source-Google)

NASA JIM 108 is a channel which is believed to be created by an Ex-NASA employee. He claims to have worked for NASA since 1989 to 2004. You will find that the videos available on this channel are focused on NASA and Alien relations. Is this enough for you? Well, this page has more to offer. When you visit the about column of this page. You will find a note that says:
“This is a series of videos which my client requested to be released after his death”.
Strange enough?

  • Hi Walter! It’s me, Patrick!

Hi walter! It's me Patrick! YouTube channel
Hi Walter! It’s me, Patrick! Image source-Google

This is a YouTube channel which has just one video. Just one. It is named “Hi Walter! I got a new gf today!” And in this video, a person named Patrick says that he got a new girlfriend. Nothing seems weird right? You just wait and see. This video takes a weird and unexpected turn. Click here to find out. Also, this channel has not been in use for the last 6 years.

  • Ms. Porcelain Doll channel

Mysterious Youtube channel of Ms. Porcelain doll
Ms. Porcelain doll channel Image source-Google

Do you believe in haunted dolls? Then this channel is for you. This channel is crowded with creepy videos of dolls. This is certainly not for the weak-hearted. This is bound to give you nightmares for more than a month.

  • Robert Helpmann channel

Robert Helpmann Youtube channel
Robert Helpmann channel Image source-Google

This channel has nothing to do with being a ‘Helpmann’ or handyman. It is rather a very creepy channel that would certainly make you puke. This channel has a pile of videos which feature a dead body. You’ll see him continuously stab the dead body (quite brutally to be honest). You will also find him feed some edibles to the dead body. He seems to have some serious relationship with it. Who knows?

So this is the list of the mysterious channels that exist on YouTube. You can go and check them out. And try to decode their secrets.

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