Top 5 Low Budget Artificial Intelligence based Smartphones In India

Artificial Intelligence based smartphonesArtificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the most trending features being adopted and applied to low budget smartphones in India and globally. Artificial Intelligence based smartphones mark as an evolution of the mobile industries and this technology is being adopted by maximum low budget smartphone companies in India.

Before going into the list you must know a few facts illustrated below.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence can be defined as any instance where a machine is able to reason and make decisions which are not explicitly user defined. The scope of artificial intelligence has expanded and is exponentially evolving over time.

We are using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in various aspects of our smartphone applications like Google Maps which is used as a mapping service. Other features that use artificial intelligence are virtual assistants like Google Assistant, Siri, and Cortana.

Will artificial intelligence help in making the smartphones even smarter?

Artificial Intelligence will make your smartphones to learn and evolve. It is though not possible to develop the ability to recognize and differentiate all of a sudden. It will organize and learn every single day about who you are and how you operate. The Artificial Intelligence based smartphone will try to track, interpret, and respond to patterns and trends that it recognizes as “desirable” or “necessary.” It will also help in providing you with better suggestions.

The trend of artificial intelligence in India:

In India Android is considered a better mobile platform and it has maximum users. Since the launch of I-phone X, other companies are constantly trying to make their market by launching artificial intelligence based low budget smartphones in India. A few companies have achieved the goal and they are constantly trying to improve their user’s experience.

  • Google Pixel 2

google pixel 2The Google Pixel 2 is an Android-based smartphone which comes with an artificially intelligent camera. This smartphone has proved that two rear cameras aren’t always better than one on a phone. This phone is faster, water-resistant. Just by simply squeeze on the phone’s sides is a new way to call up the Google Assistance. Apart from that are a bunch of other smart gesture features and accessibility options the best part is that it will just cost you only 41,000.

  • Honor View 10

Honor View 10Its built-in NPU (neural-network processing unit) enables deep learning based on user behavior. Honor view 10 has a very fast face unlocking feature, and it comes with a powerful dual back camera. The phone is always working in the background to make sure your Honor View10 runs smoothly even if not in use. It will cost you just 29,800 in the Indian market.

  • Samsung S8

samsung s8Samsung has introduced an Artificial Intelligence named Bixby that provides a very user-friendly platform. Samsung s8 comes with dual edge SuperAMOLED display, the best available in the market. A very rare feature provided by Samsung is the 3500 mAh, Non-Removable battery. This phone will cost you 45,990.

  • Apple IPhone X

i phone xPowered by Apple’s latest A11 Bionic chipset which has a Neural Engine for machine learning and AI processing, Apple provides with the fastest face unlocking feature. In simple words, it is the best artificial Intelligence based smartphones in today’s market. Its price in Indian market is 88,000.

  • Honor 7X

Huawei Honor 7XThe AI-based VoLTE-enabled 4G smartphone series will be able to sense who is using the phone, translate messages as per the preferred language of the owner of the device. This phone will automatically sense functionality preference of the user. It can also project the user’s face picture on an animated character. It is the best low budget smartphones in India and will just cost you 16,000.

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