Top 5 Latest Smartphones Under 10,000 that are worth Spending money!

Smartphones have become a basic necessity these days. The scenario is people can live without food but not without their Smartphones. And with the advancement in technology, it has become very difficult to choose the perfect handset with the latest features. With the increase in popularity of high MP cameras, Full HD display, and fingerprint sensor, one can easily get a smartphone with these features under 10,000. Here are few of those Smartphones:

1. Xiomi Redmi Note 4, Rs.9999:

Currently, the best smartphone under 10,000 is this one. With a memory of 32GB, priced at Rs. 9999/-. The latest Android version Snapdragon 625 makes it faster and efficient. It has the most reliable Battery life amongst other smartphones of that range. With so much demand for the smartphone, it is going through a shortage.

Redmi note 4, Smartphones

2. Xiomi Redmi 4, Rs.8999:

Next to Redmi Note 4 is Redmi 4. With almost the same features as Note 4, Redmi 4 is perfect for this spot. This device has Android version Snapdragon 435 and 4100MAh battery is not the best but is surely dependable. This also comes with a fingerprint scanner.

Redmi 4, Smartphones

3. Lenovo K6 power, Rs. 9999:

This K-6 series of Lenovo is giving the popular Xiomi series a tough competition. The 5-inch phone with 1080p display and the 13MP rear camera is better than Redmi 3S prime.

Lenovo K6, Smartphones

4. Moto G4 Plus, Rs. 9999:

With a bang-on comeback, the Moto series are now becoming trending. With tons of Handsets being purchased within months, this phone is on the verge of becoming best in budget smartphones. It is a decent choice when it comes to performance. With 5.5-inch wide screen, good quality 13MP rear camera, 3000mAh battery, this is a smart choice.

Moto G4 plus, Smartphones

5. Coolpad Note 5, Rs. 10999:

This phone might not be the best buy in terms of other features but this phone surely hits its battery life. If you want a smartphone with good battery life, going for this is a wise option.

Coolpad note 5, Smartphones

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