Top 5 Highest Paid Playback Singers in Indian Cinema 2017

Every Playback singer has a different talent so on the base of talent paid extremely highest for the song. Singers always need to attract people in support of the song and for the highest rating on the social media. Here the rundown of the leading five highest paid singers in the Bollywood.

1. Shreya Ghoshal – 20Lakhs

Playback , Singers , Shreya Ghoshal , BollywoodShreya Ghoshal is darling queen in the Bollywood have a breathtaking voice. She is an incredibly famous singer in India and furthermore in the Asia. She paid exceptionally highest for per song and charged 20 lakh performing for the one song. Shreya is a playback singer in the Bollywood.She various singing awards like best female singer Filmfare award.

2.Honey Singh – 15 lakhs

Playback , Singers , Yo Yo Honey Singh , BollywoodYo Honey Singh is the highest paid singer in the Bollywood industry. In the Bollywood industry, known as a rapper-singer. He is rapper, music maker singer and on-screen character too and extremely famous in Bollywood. Yo Honey Singh is extremely popular in and turned into a highest paid Bollywood singer in a couple of years. Honey Singh has a thousand of the fans in India and outside the India.

3. Arijit Singh – 13 Lakhs

Playback , Singers , Arijit Singh , BollywoodHe has a beautiful and soulful voice, and in Bollywood, her name is the most talented singer. Arijit Sing turned into a hugely popular in just a couple days, and he got popular as a playback singer for Hindi song ‘Tum HI Ho’ in motion picture Aashiqui 2. He earned  13 lakhs for the song after this his name added in this list of highest paid Bollywood singer and started the career as a playback singer in the show however now he is extremely famous and much-paid singer.

4. Sonu Nigam – 10 Lakhs

Playback , Singers , Sony Nigam , BollywoodSonu Nigam is powerful and the passionate voice in the Bollywood industry. He is an expensively paid singer and demands 10 lakh for per song. He begins her career as playback singing in all actuality appears yet now he is extremely attractive and loving voice in the general population. Individuals love particularly Sonu Nigam because he is an exceptionally talented and hardworking singer in the Bollywood.

5. Sunidhi Chauhan – 9 Lakhs

Playback , Singers , Sunidhi Chauhan , BollywoodSunidhi Chauhan is the best female playback singer in Bollywood she is top 5 highest singer in the Bollywood industry. She demands 9 lakh for per song. She won many awards and won two Filmfare Awards. Sunidhi sing exceptionally hit songs and fill in as a talented singer in the Bollywood industry. She has a huge fans rundown and parcel of followers on the social media. Individuals always in waiting for listing her new song. She is second best female singer in the Bollywood. She began singing at the age of four.

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