Top 5 Beautiful Parks to Visit In Lucknow

Lucknow is the city of India which is richest in its Natural Beauty when it comes to Parks, Botanical Gardens, and beautiful sculptures. The City of Nawab as it is called is the best to visit when one wants to feel close to Nature. Here are the top 5 Beautiful Parks or Nature to visit in Lucknow.


Remarkably very grand, astounding richness with trees, plants, and statues of icons of India is definitely a treat to the eyes. Built in the reign of Miss Mayawati the then Chief Minister depicts the Royal taste of Miss Mayawati. The architecture, Sculptures and enormous open space is what makes this park unique. Sunset view from this place is breathtaking. This place as it is huge requires an entire day to have the best experience.Dr. Ambedkar Statue at the entrance



Another Beautiful Park in Lucknow which is the best place to visit on Family outings. There is amenities for every age group. It includes Jogging Track, Cycling track, Water Bodies, Boating,  rich and dense green grass and many more additional features to explore for which one has to visit there. Made by the politician of the Samajwadi Party, Shri Jameshwar Mishra, it is the attraction to a lot of Families looking forward to an amazing weekend. The lightning in the evening is the cherry on top of the Cake.

Jameshwar Mishra Park


Enthralled with the Soothing and Calming effect as the name suggests Gautam Buddha Park is one of the oldest park built around 41 years back. The best place to hangout with family when it comes to spending joyful evenings and making memories. The cool breeze from the Gomti River will surely make you forget all the stress and pain in life.

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This place is a shout out to all the crocodile and Gharial lovers out there who wants to observe these animals from a nearer view.  Crocodiles of all shapes and sizes are here from just born Lizard like babies to huge full grown. Located on the outskirts of the city is having enormous greenery. The authorities are very responsibly taking care of every tiny corner of the place.

Kukrail forest


When the suggestion is about the best natural places, how can we forget about the Lucknow Zoo? The Lucknow Zoological Garden is one the oldest zoological gardens established in the year 1921. Along with the animals of different species, it has an enormous Museum, Sculptures from the 3rd century, site of Egyptian monument, best attraction is Rhino and Lion.

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