Top 10 Sinister Facts That Heroes Of History Wouldn’t Want You To Know!

History is exceptionally kind to a few heroes. However, that doesn’t mean there’s no chink in their armor. Therefore, here are ten sinister secrets that those historical figures wouldn’t want you to know:

1. Dr. Seuss

Dr.Seuss has a dark history.
A character from Dr.Seuss’ book.

Dr Seuss’ books have been a major part of many of our childhoods. Supposedly, he made everyone happy. However, many people are unaware that his wife’s suicide note said otherwise. Apparently, he abandoned his wife, Helen, who was suffering from cancer to be with his lover, prompting her to take her life. Consequently, The note beings with, “What has happened to us?”

2. Thomas Edison

Edison apparently fabricated history.
Thomas Edison

Allegedly, Edison stole many ‘inventions’ from other scientists. Apparently, Harold Brown invented ‘the electric chair‘. On the other hand, Nicolas Tesla invented the ‘X-ray’. Surprisingly, the invention of the light bulb itself had major contributors. Unfortunately, history gives Edison all the credit.

3. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

History is kind to MLK.
Dr Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Boston University found plagiarized passages in Dr Martin Luther King’s dissertation for his PhD. A citation was missing for many passages. However, this was found out 36 years after he got the degree, at 23 years after his death. Moreover, keeping in mind the work that he did for the Civil Rights Movement, the University decided against revoking the title of ‘Doctor’.

4. Marco Polo

Marco Polo
Marco Polo (Source: Google

Many researchers believe that Marco Polo did not go to China at all. In fact, his accounts are fictional. Arab and Persian writings about the East inspired them. Consequently, Dr Francis Wood wrote the, ‘Did Marco Polo go to China?’ in 1995. She points out that important details like The Great Wall of China, or Chinese calligraphy are missing from his accounts.

5. Thomas Jefferson

Jefferson has a dark history.
Thomas Jefferson

He famously owned slaves. Moreover, he considered the African American community to be biologically inferior. However, he is said to have had an affair with his maidservant, Sally Hemmington. Additionally, he fathered her six children. Correspondingly, committees have used DNA evidence to prove and disprove this allegation.

6. Martin Luther

History has dark secret about Martin Luther.
Martin Luther

Known for his document that prompted the reformation of the church, Luther had a change of heart fifteen years down the line. Apparently, upon learning that Jews were attempting to convert Christians, he expressed a desire to destroy their houses. Consequently, he was called the ‘Church father of Semitism’. Moreover, historians feel he paved the way for Hitler.

7. Christopher Columbus

Dark side of history in christopher columbus
Christopher Columbus

Once regarded highly in history, Columbus is now seen as a sadist. Allegedly, he raped, killed, and fed the meat of the Carribean natives to his dogs. Additionally, he had no regard for the indigenous people he came across and enslaved them.

8. Abraham Lincoln in History

History books don't talk about the dark side of Lincoln.
Abraham Lincoln

Apparently, Abraham Lincoln disregarded Habeus Corpus. He ignored the Supreme Court when they called his actions ‘unconstitutional’. Additionally, his plan wasn’t to let the freed slaves stay in the country. He thought of sending them to Liberia. However, he decided on an island in the Caribbean. Expectedly, the experiment failed. Consequently, smallpox and starvation broke out on the island.

9. Mother Teresa

Many claim that there is more to the mother's history than we know.
St. Mother Teresa

St. Mother Teresa is remembered for her pious actions. However, many questions whether the history is fabricated. The poor conditions of her missionary homes, her political connections and the management of money is questioned. Additionally, Chatterjee (British author and former worker with Mother) claimed that the resources were used to convert the locals to Catholicism.

10. Mahatma Gandhi

History is exceptionally kind to Gandhi.
Mahatma Gandhi

Apparently, Gandhi made naked girls sleep next to him, to test his restraint. However, his obsession with these experiments reached a creepy point. Allegedly, he asked his grand nieces to lie down naked next to him.

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