Blue Whale Game-How to Keep Our Kids Safe?

Blue Whale Game-How to Keep Our Kids Safe?

There have been several reports of people being encouraged to commit suicide by following the Blue Whale Game

It’s been about two decades when Video games were frowned upon by parents as time-wasters but with the time new generation came in the role of parents, and they find themselves in comfort zone when their kids keep them busy on keyboards in their virtual world.

Blue Whale Game facts and information with images
Blue Whale Game

But, recent news of the death of a teen in Mumbai while playing one online game called ‘Blue Whale Game’ started the new forum of discussion whether leaving our youngsters in this virtual world is safe for their physical as well as mental health.

I used the term virtual world instead of just ‘Blue Whale Game’ as I want parents to think about recreation time of their kids. New generation parents especially who are busy in their struggle of career, make them relaxed by giving gadgets to their kids. It’s not only about blue whale, but parents should count each second of their kid’s life which they spent with technology. Be it video games, online chatting or listening music with headphones. Technology is a two edge sword and its duty of parents to keep supervision on both the edges.

Blue Whale Game video challenge for kids
Blue Whale Game

This inattentive exposure of virtual world is throwing new challenge related to cyber-crime as well as mental health which may lead to suicides also. The new Blue Whale Challenge Dare Game floating on the Internet is a case in point. Several suicides worldwide have been reportedly linked to the deadly video game

This Blue Whale Challenge Dare Game debuted in Russia four years ago. Creator of game Philipp Budeikin was sentenced to the imprisonment after the game started making news for all ill reasons. He acknowledged the killings but wasn’t apologetic. Even he defended himself by saying that it’s a game to clean society as people who are committing suicide are the just biological waste.

It can be easily understood that Philipp is not a normal person with the healthy mindset. But, we can save our kids from such illness. It is therefore imperative to educate our children to stay away from blue whale and other such games.

What Should Parents Do?

  1. Conversation not Interrogation: We as parents always ask hundreds of questions from our kids and think we are giving quality time to them. They want to talk to us and we make them feel like appearing in the interview. Get relaxed and make atmosphere comfortable for our kids. Increase conversation with your kids.
  2. Listen: Conversation can be increased only by increasing use of our ears. Listen to them. Time is changing so we should understand concerns and experiences of our kids are different from us. We can understand them only by listening to them.
  3. Acknowledge their worries: Worries or tensions are not having any relationship with age. We don’t give concern to feelings of our kids which gradually makes them reluctant to talk. They slowly stop talking about their worries.
  4. Speaking ‘No’ is a Skill: As a parent, we are trying to give everything to our kids without saying ‘No.’ Listening and saying ‘No’ is an art. We should teach it to our kids from the early age. They should also be taught to deny anything which they don’t find logical and relevant. They should develop the habit of developing alternatives and consulting with elders and experts.

In short, take care of your life style before everything goes out of control. Every society where family members and friends are replacing virtual world is paying poorly. Healthy relationship and healthy personality both depend upon emotional bonding which comes with personal presence and not with making physical facilities available or with engagement on social media and another virtual world.

Moral of the story is ‘Stay away from Blue Whale Game, Stay Safe.’

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