Tips And Ways To Grow Your Hair Longer!

Have you always dreamed of having that hair longer, shinier and healthy? Wished to have a fairy tale come true like the Rapunzel’s story, well not really where your prince charming climbs on your hair! That is painful on many levels, but those long manageable strands where everyone looks back at you in an awe and all you want to do is flaunt your hair everywhere, but, never knew how to maintain and care for them?

Well, if this is the case then, you came to the right place!

hair grow

First of all, let us just put one thing in mind that they can never grow over night, except if you know magic or something. So the first thing to learn is to be patient. “Hair typically grows about a quarter to an inch to half an inch max in a month,a” says celebrity hair stylist Mark Townsend. That halfaninch too is only when your hair is super healthy and doesn’t have a lot of split-ends. So the bottom line is, we cannot make them grow faster, but, we can surely help them be in a healthy state.

So, here are some ways to keep them shining and glowing for the rest of your life.

1. Oiling Or Apply Mask Treatments Weekly

hair grow

Oiling is meant as one of the best treatment for rough or dull hair. The hair that touches your shoulder or beyond that has been their for years and need special attention and care. Hair nearer to the scalp, gets nourished from the natural oils produced by the human body but, the tips lack it so it is your cue to get in the process to keep them happy. Natural oils are the best such as coconut oil or Jasmine oil, but, if you don’t have the resources or the time to do all that and make all the effort, you can opt for products that are providing you with the essential nourishment or try out oil-based hair treatment.


2. Trimming

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Even though trimming or cutting up your hair doesn’t help much in increasing their length, but, it will keep the tips looking healthier and will prevent splits from working their way up strands, which will finally lead up to cutting of your hair more frequently, so, we can take this step as a prevention rather than a method.

3. Don’t shampoo during every bath.

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The only use that shampoo has is that it helps in washing away dirt and product build up and if it is used everyday then only thing you are doing is inviting in trouble for your hair. Excessive use of shampoo washes away the essential natural oils which helps in keeping the hair smooth and soft.

4. Use conditioners

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Coloring and heat styling leaves your hair rough and thinner at the bottom. Conditioners helps replacing lipids and proteins inside the hair shaft. So, whenever you shampoo your hair remember to condition it every time.

5. Brush your hair but not every time you get

hair grow

Brushing your hair constantly can cause damage to your hair. Always detangle wet hair and start from the bottom working your way to the top. This results in less hair fall and keeps your hair stronger.


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