Most Beautiful Woman on This Earth!!! Scientists Claim This 18 year Old Woman as ” The Most Beautiful Woman ” on This Earth.

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder but what happens when you mix science into the equation? A woman has been named one of the most Beautiful Woman in the world, and it’s all been proven by science.

Beautiful Woman

18-year-old Florence Colgate is said to have earned the ‘World’s most Beautiful Woman’ title due to how perfectly symmetrical her face is, told me to be almost flawless. Colgate belongs to a small British town on the seaside where she works in a fish bar two days a week.People treat her the same as before. They don’t care.

Scientists claim that she has a perfect look.

Beautiful Woman

Florence won the title after submitting her photo into a competition to find, ‘Britain’s most beautiful face.’ To qualify, she was asked to present a photo of herself without makeup, beating more than 8,000 people for the top prize.

Beautiful Woman

Florence won as she best meets the scientific qualifications for a perfect face. The perfect face is said to be 46% the width of the face from ear to ear. Florence‘s is 44%.

The distance between your eyes and mouth should also be the third of the length of your face. Florence’s is 32.8%.

Beautifl Woman

She is considering a modelling career. She wanted always to do study. What do you think? Is there a objective way to judge beauty? Why is the human species so obsessed with this?

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