This 10 Bollywood Actresses And Their Wild & Bold Casting Couch Experience!

Term Casting couch originated in entertainment/movie industry, with specific reference to couches in offices that could be used for sexual activity between casting directors and aspiring actresses. It is basically a trading of sexual favors by an aspiring actor to a superior/casting director/producer etc, for entry into an occupation and for better career growth.

Here is a list of Bollywood actresses who faced this bold casting couch experience while struggling in the industry.

  1. Payal Rohatgi

Bigg boss 2 contestant and actor Rahul Mahajan’s swim-buddy Payal Rohatgi has been spotted in a few films like 36 China Town and Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hai. She says that when filmmaker Dibakar Banerjee visited her to cast in his film Shanghai, he asked sexual favors from her.

She said he asked her to undress in front of him. Dibakar refutes her claims and insists that it was Payal who repeatedly called and texted him to know about the film casting. In fact this scandal was more famous than the movie Shanghai.


  1. Sherlyn Chopra

This sultry babe, who starred in what seems to be the most explicit version of Kamasutra, has alleged that the producer of the same film offered to “re-enact certain scenes” with him, minus the cameras. Sherlyn Chopra had lodged a FIR against the producer, and nothing more was heard of it later.


  1. Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut reveals that in the film ‘Tanu weds Manu’, she was asked to have sex after a meeting when the audition was over. However, the actress lived up to her morale and denied the proposal. But the actress couldn’t digest this incident for longer. She later used the social media platform to reveal the incident that happened with her.


  1. Mamta Kulkarni

When she was shooting for the film ‘China Gate’,  the director of the film offered sex to the actress over a matter of compromise. She says that she did not give in to the pressure, but rumors suggest a certain compromise. Rumors are just rumors till they don’t have certain proof.


  1. Tabu

Tabu and Jackie Shroff have never acted in any film together. The reason behind this is quite appealing if sources are to believed. Allegedly, Jackie Shroff had sexually assaulted Tabu at the age of 15, when she had accompanied her older sister, Farah at the shoot. Although the accusation could not be proved. After this whole some incident. Tabu and Jackie never came across each other ever!


  1. Mamta Patel

In the film ‘Paan Sing Tomar’, Mamta Patel accused Irfan Khan of couching. He was said to be in a compromising position and she was really disappointed with the conduct of the actor.


  1. Suchitra Krishnamurti

The producer of ‘Seksuyul’ was said to have couched her in 2009. Whether you like it or not, the actress disclosed the incident to her acquaintances and is still fresh in the memory, as far as the scandals are concerned.


  1. Suvreen Chawla

‘Hate Story 2’ actress, Surveen Chawla recently revealed that she was a victim of casting couch. Suvreen said that she has experienced it in the South Indian film industry.


  1. Hard Kaur

Singer and actor Hard Kaur said that she also was approached by casting couch when she was new in the film industry.

hard kaur

  1. Sunny leone

Sunny Leone was approached by a filmmaker who wanted to get cozy with her. After all his unsuccessful attempts, the film-maker approached Sunny’s manager and husband, Daniel Webber with an offer to star Sunny in a porn film.


These are some of the stories of Bollywood actresses having some bold and wild casting couch experiences that have made their way to the open. However, there are several stories which people never come to know and they remain hidden forever. There are no attempts made to dig out the hidden stories, or even if they are dug up, people prefer to keep themselves away from criticism on such topics.

After all, who wants to get entangled in controversial issues? Apart from this, there are times when the stories remain buried due to the lack of sufficient proof. After all, there are scandals in all the strata of the society and Bollywood too is not free from these.

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