Few Things To Remember While Struggling

Life is a mystery for each one of us. No one knows what’s in the box the next minute. Time unlocks each second with suspense, fear, and anxiety. We often hear that success and failure are two sides of a coin, any one of them will be your fate but time is variable. The vulnerable stage of your life is known as struggling. The struggle has never been tasteful; you have to be strong, calm and patient.


Here are few points that will help you to deal your struggling phase of life:

1. Know your capability

To take a decision, it is important to know your capabilities and potential. You have to believe in yourself. Your self-esteem and confidence will tested like never before. You need to believe in yourself and have patience.

2. Patience is also a key to success

Remember, your patience is as important as your hard work, both go along together.

3. Overcome failure/ defeat

Failure is the best teacher. Never give up to the challenges, accept them, they make you stronger and better.

4. You will make mistakes

Mistakes come along with learning. You need to analyze it and work on it.

5. Time is never static

It changes as per your efforts so never stop working on yourself, whatever the cause be.

6. Listen to yourself

Follow your intuition, what people think does not matter. They will bully you at each point of time, but you have to be determined and make decisions wisely.

7. Overnight success is a myth

This term adds loudness to the success but believes the fact that you cannot grab success in overnight. It includes a dedication of years.

8. Stop overthinking

Overthinking involves pre- assumptions to various things. We start to look things differently.

9. Be proud of what you have done

Never let yourself down. Believe in the potential you have and make future.

Written by- Pragya Patel

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