Have A Look At The Most Beautiful And Amazing Highways Of India You Should Never Miss!

If you love to ride bikes then get ready because I have something for you. I am going here to mention most beautiful highways of India. Believe me, you will enjoy your trip. However, India has scenic highways where you can enjoy your ridings. These highways are relatively traffic free. So you will be able to drive at top gear with maximum speed. You will experience the adventure with your bike which you may not have experienced before.

1. Chennai to Pondicherry highways

Chennai to Pondicherry highway

The best time you should start riding to this highway is September to March. It’s not too long and covers only 160 kilometers. So you find this highway free from traffic most of the time. If your planning is to go to Pondicherry you can use this highway. Your trip to Pondicherry would be full of adventure.

2. Guwahati Tawang

Guwahati Tawang

If you really want to ride your bike with maximum speed and if you want to experience something new in your life. Then Guwahati Tawang highway is for you. Also to this highway, you will be able to ride your bike at maximum speed for a long time. It covers about 520 kilometers which are for you to gain riding experience.

3. Visakhapatnam to Andhra Pradesh valley highway

Visakhapatnam to Andhra Pradesh valley highway

Are you want to go to see hill stations and Valley region of Andhra Pradesh. Then try this highway. This is very short and beautiful highway where you can enjoy caves and waterfalls. As It covers about 116 kilometers only the best time to visit is October and March

4. Manali to Leh highway

Manali to Leh highway

It is another highway which is too long about 479 kilometers and the best time to visit is March to October. The highway goes between many mountains and is also followed by lakes. It is the most beautiful and challenging in India. The roads keep varying in their width with mountains.

5. Mumbai Pune Highways

Mumbai Pune Highways

It is the short highway and is India’s best one. Which covers only 93 kilometers and connect Mumbai with Pune. Furthermore, It also has beautiful mountains and tunnels. It also reduces travel time between Mumbai and Pune or it directly connecting both of them.

6. Puri to Konark

Puri to Konark

Its distance is only 36 kilometers. It will never bore you with your ridings. If you want to drive for a small time then go for this one. So You can cover whole distance within an hour. The scenic beauties that you may find in the way are the sight of Indian Ocean.

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