Tanmay Bakshi: A wonderkid that would make you jealous!!!

Tanmay Bakshi is no ordinary teen. He is someone who has accomplished so much more at the young age of 13. I beat, you would certainly be jealous after reading his accomplishments. Do you want to begin?

  • An excellent computer programmer

At the age of 13, Tanmay Bakshi is a rare Talent.
Tanmay Bakshi- computer programmer (Image source-Google)

When you were 13 years old, what were you obsessed about? Games, cartoons, and other similar stuff. But Tanmay is obsessed with computer programming. He is passionate towards computer programming and algorithms since the age of 5.

  • His own YouTube channel!!!

Tanmay is running his YouTube channel for past six years.
YouTube channel by Tanmay (Image source-Google)

Yes, you read it right. He has his own YouTube channel which is focused on algorithms. It has been running for the past 6 years. It is a great channel to learn about algorithms. He believes in sharing his knowledge. This channel has over 144 videos. It recently hit 22,000 subscribers. So now you know where to go when you have problems with programming.

  • App developed by Tanmay

Tanmay development many Android Apps
App developed by Tanmay (Image source-Google)

Because of his immense passion for programming and algorithm, Tanmay has created many apps. His first app was launched when he was 9 years old. The name of the app is tTables. It was built to help kids learn multiplication tables. A creation that helps kids learn, incredible indeed!

  • Latest Achievement

Tanmay was recently hired by Google
Hired by Google. (Image source-Google)

Another accomplishment was added to the list of Tanmay Bakshi. Google recently hired him. And just for any ordinary package but for 1.25 Cr per annum. Hats off to his talent.

Apart from being a computer programmer at such an early age, he does other things too. Like any other kid, he loves to spend time with friends and family. He likes playing table tennis and going on field trips with friends. Although he does not have any plan, at the moment, for a job or startup in future. Yet we congratulate him on his latest achievement and wish him luck for future.

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