Taj Mahal:A Monument Rich With Secrets

The past glory and richness of Mughal Empire reveal many secrets and facts about Indian culture. Furthermore, The 8th Wonder Of World i.e. TAJ MAHAL has many hidden secrets in it. As we know, Taj Mahal was built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his wife Mumtaz. Therefore, It was built with ivory white marble which gives it a classic and rich look even today.

1. Mughal Vandalism hidden in Taj Mahal:

According to the sources, a sealed, crudely walled doorway with bricks was built beneath the marble structure. Moreover, This was constructed by Shah Jahan to hide the Vandalism in which Mughal Empire Was indulged. Also, a Hindu temple was suppressed by him to construct the Tomb. But, it was hidden in such a way that the temple remains unnoticed in structure.

Taj Mahal and Indian culture: Hidden secrets revealed
The Taj Mahal

2. A secret row of rooms below 1089 rooms:

It is hard to believe that Taj Mahal has 1089 rooms. But, later it was discovered that it consists a series of rooms below 1089 rooms. All are of different sizes. These rooms are hidden and were built according to the style of arches along the eastern side of plinth. But, the reason to construct such a series of rooms is not clear yet.

3. Locked Mysterious Rooms on the first floor:

A person has been to Taj Mahal have seen that the staircase to the first floor is sealed. These were sealed by the order of Shah Jahan himself. He ordered so to construct graves and engraving the Koran. But, Archeologist has found a valid trail in that Shah Jahan does not know to procure marble matching the splendor for rest of Taj Mahal.

4. The actual building of Taj Mahal is visible through of riverside of Mumtaz’s grave:

If one observes the Taj properly he/she will find Four storied marble structure, made of red sandstone consist of two more stories. The riverside of Mumtaz’s grave is also wonderful to watch.

Thus, there are many more hidden secrets which are behind the closed doors of this 8th Wonder of World. Sometimes, it’s really interesting to know what your history. I request Readers spare some time from your busy schedules and try to discover our rich history of India.

Hidden secrets of Taj Mahal
Source: Taj Mahal



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