41 Years Old Taiwanese Interior Designer Is The New Sensation On Internet. Check Out The Reason Why ??

Nowadays, everyone is a bit possessive about their health as well as their looks. We start working on our bodies from the mid-twenties, to get a toned body and a glowing skin. Everyone is scared of wrinkles or aging especially the models and the actors. They do a lot of experiments to keep their skin away from wrinkles or aging by using anti-aging creams, applying sunscreens and much more.Recently, a Taiwanese girl(Lure Hsu) became the new internet sensation by her amazing wrinkle-free face and her toned body despite being aged as a 41 years old and is welcoming her 42nd birthday. Shocked ? Yeah, everyone is too. Curious to know the reason so check out her daily routine and the tips are given by her to stay young!

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Lure Hsu, is a Taiwanese girl, who recently became the sensation on the internet because of her youthful looks and amazed the people. She is 41 years old and an Interior Designer. Her sister, Sharon Hsu is a 35 years old notable Taiwanese actress. She(Lure) looks like a teenage girl. But, she will be welcoming her 42nd birthday.

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She was first seen at an entertainment  show where she was invited by her sister. From then, She has become the new internet sensation and gained many followers. She has around 300K followers on instagram and 340K fans on Weibo(equivalent to twitter). She is called as “the goddess with a frozen age” by her fans and media.

Daily Routine of this Taiwanse girl

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Her routine includes nutritional supplements like Vitamin C pills and collagen, to keep her skin glowing and healthy. She drinks a lot of water (a lot) and also maintains a vegetarian diet. She avoids dipping sauces, like Satay and Curry and likes Pak Choi in particular. She avoids coke or any other sugary drinks but does drink a black coffee every morning. Sometimes, Lure occasionally treat herself with chocolates.

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She told in an interview that:  “Moisturising is so important – in fact, aging, fine lines, and other skin problems moisturizing can reduce. In addition, to keep skin healthy the sun is also very important, but not excessive exposure to it – especially in the summer”.

“Although the sun is not big, you should still use sunscreen as sunned skin is drier and make small spots and small fine lines easier to appear. So I think everything is simply moisturising well and not over exposing yourself to sun”.


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  • It’s necessary to stay hydrated so drink a lot of water.
  • She advises a cup of black coffee every morning, few sugary drinks, less greasy food and lot of fruits and vegetables.
  • She also advises to prefer food containing high fibre, high protein and consume less meat as well as exercise.


At last, she said you don’t need to change everything. You’re only young once. Stick to moisturizing, remove makeup, drink a lot of water and avoid fatty foods and always treat yourself!!

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