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Top 10 Horror Movies Till Date Which Will Sent Chillers To Your Spine!

1. Mahal (1949) Considered as the first dreadful movie of Bollywood, Mahal deals with the subject of reincarnation. This one probably frightened the shit out of your daddy as well your dada. Even with minimum effects this film has continued to haunt audiences for decades. Raat (1992) Raat is considered to be one of the best films RGV has made. It's a supernatural thriller that doesn't go over the top with the shades of a horror film. The plot comes into motion when a kitten is killed and the leading lady is possessed with its spirit. After watching this cult classic, you will never look at cats the same way. 3. Raaz (2002) Enthused by the Michelle Pfeiffer starrer 'What Lies Beneath', Raaz was just the beginning of a swing of horror films that Bipasha Basu was to sig