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Festival Time: Why They Say “Bura Na Mano Holi Hain”?

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Holi- The union of colours and camaraderie Finally, that time of the year has arrived when we celebrate the blossoming of nature and welcome spring. The warmth spreading after the cold and harsh winter is readily enjoyable to all. This is the moment when one of the most important festivals of India i.e, Holi commemoration takes place in different states of India. It is a festival of colours signifying human bonds of trust, friendship, love and hope. Holi has many names throughout India such as Dol, Rangwali Holi, Dhuleti, Dhulandi, Vasant Utsav, and Phagwah. Also, a common mythological belief is that the victory of good over evil prevails on its celebration. It is the day when Lord Krishna and Radha played Holi together to celebrate their divine love. Now that tradition is being carried