Why is Sunny Leone again in Controversies?

Sunny Leone is the adult industry star turned Bollywood actress. Her switch itself has been a huge controversy. Even in Bollywood, she has portrayed herself boldly. But things are a bit different in India. No matter how open-minded Indians become, people will still be concerned about their culture and values. Sunny has been seen as a bold actress since the very beginning of her career in Bollywood.

Sunny’s new Ad:

Sunny has been considered a bold actress since the very beginning of her career in Bollywood. Her first movie ‘Jism2’ had to go through a lot of controversies. Then afterward all of her movies had difficulties passing the Sensor board guidelines. She has become the controversy queen now. The adult rated actress is again in dispute.

This time it’s her advertisement that she did, for which she has to face the criticism. She did an ad for Manforce Condoms. This ad has attracted vicious women activists of the Republican Party Of India (RPI). The women’s group accused the ad to be “Objectifying” women and hence has ordered it to be banned.

Sheela Gangurde, a secretary of the women’s wing of RPI, stated, “The ad objectifies females and has embarrassed all the women viewers. The immoral and indecent way the actress seduces the man to use Condom is highly unacceptable for the Indian standards. It is hurting the values and ethics of Indian culture.” She also said that they have also received¬†complaints from women viewers and other activists organizations about the ad being obscene. They want it to be banned right away.

Gangurde has also appeared that some of the contraceptive ads must also be banned. Although no comment from the controversies queen, Sunny Leone has come yet.

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