Strom R3- Strom Motors Unveiled The Cheapest Electric Car In India

Strom Motors, a Mumbai-based startup has recently unveiled their first electric car. The Strom R3, which is the cheapest car available in India is designed for urban cities with heavy traffic. Strom motors was founded in 2011 by Pratik Gupta, an ex-software intern at Motorola Mobility. They aim to provide a fully air-conditioned 2+1 seater having two reserve trike configuration. The Strom Motors also aims to provide a normal charger through which the Strom R3 can be fully charged in almost 6-8 hours, while with a fast charger you can get 80 percent within less than 2 hours.

Strom R3 First Look Strom Motors
Strom R3

The Strom R3 will be available in three variants – R3 Pure, R3 Current, and R3 Bolt and there will be two ranges to choose from- 80 Km and 120 km. The R3 Pure and R3 Current variants get 80Km/charge while R3 Bolt variant gets 120Km/charge range. It also features Touchscreen Infotainment System, Customisable User Interface, and Voice-Activated Feature, Sunroof, Dual-Tone Paint scheme and Smart Music Playlist. Along with these Climate Controlled AC, Mobile connectivity with USB and FM radio, Intrusion Detection, Theft Protection with a special front as well as rear Storage Compartments are an added advantage.

A Boon To Urban Areas

The Strom R3 with a claimed running cost of 0.4/Km would be a boon in our congested urban areas. The Strom R3 gets Keyless Entry, Rear Camera, Power Windows and three-point Seat-belt as a more standard feature. With a weight of 450 Kg, the Strom R3 other features include an Electronic Regenerative Braking, disc brakes on either of the front wheels, while the rear gets a drum brake setup.

Strom R3
Strom R3 Front Look
Strom R3 Rear Look
Strom R3 Rear Look

The Strom R3 will be available at the price about 3 Lacs when it goes on sale later this year. According to report, Strom Motors has already received more than 30 pre-orders for the car. The company is now going to plan a nationwide road show to the provide the first-hand experience of the car to prospective customers. The car will probably get ARAI approval within next 6-8 weeks and will be the first ever such product in India.

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