Street side food which are must try in Lucknow

Lucknow the Land of Nawabs and is a popular for its food items in the city from paans to biryanis, Lucknow city, is also famous for its street-side food items available which will make you mouthwatering, and you will get very interested in eating those food items, So have a look over some famous food items of Lucknow city.

Lucknowi Biryani

This Lucknow biryani is famous streets side dish of Lucknow. In this food item, rice is cooked separately with fresh spices, and the soaked chicken is added in it. The technique of adding rice and soaked meat includes the right amount of flavor in the dish to make final product of plate.

Tokri Chaat

Chaat is very famous and favorite street food of Indians. The token chaat of Lucknow is a delicious dish and famous for its design as it is given to customers. The token chaat is also known as Basket Chaat in some areas of the city, and many varieties of token chaat are offered in the streets of the city.

Malai Ki Gilori

Malai Ki Gilori is a sweet and soft food item of  Lucknow, and this dish will melt in your mouth within seconds like an ice cream, and it is prepared with fresh milk to give good quality with the softness of the dish.


Sheermals also know as sweet naan, and this dish is made with warm milk which is sweetened with sugar and generally flavored with saffron to give a soft and sweet taste in the dish. This dish is also a mouth-watering dish which is baked in tandoor.

Lucknawi paan

Lucknowi paan is world class quality paan which is famous all over the world for its taste and way of making paan. Paan lovers would get euphoric when they eat the Lucknow paan which is more than just pasta, supari and gulkand which are put together to make a tasty flavor of paan.

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