Stop Doing These 10 Things To Save Your Married Life From Ending!

Marriage is a pure relation between two peoples which needs the trust and love of both to make it go on. It is not just a happily married life for a short period but it should be for the life. It is not only about the love a long term marriages needs but its also about your understanding and trust for each other.

Marriages today are taken for granted, people tie the knot and take it just a way to get known to body. People are forgetting the actual meaning of marriage. It is not just about one person but its about two souls and their families. Nowadays the ego and selfishness of a partner comes in between the relationship. Divorce ratio is becoming very high. Here are 10 of those practices that can end up your marriage life, so please stop them as soon as you can:

1. Egocentrism

If you wish to travel far and fast,travel light. Take of all your envies,jealousies, unforgivrness, selfishness and fear.

Being self-centered should never be a part of marriage. Just thinking of yourself is part before marriage after it you always have to think of two. At times you think you are the superior and should be cared and loved more which makes you felt apart.

2. Criticism
Sometimes a person think that whatever he do is every time perfect , nd what the other do is always criticized. This is again a step to ruin.

3. Unforgiveness
It is not that a person is right every time. He or she may be wrong but you should always accept the goods and bads for a happy life.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

4. Harshness
If you cannot forgive you should leave the conversation over there. Bad words are the ones who break the heart so try avoiding them.Harshness

5. Disrespect
A person always loves the self esteem of himself. And so should the other do. No one is above the other but don’t take them so inferior. Respect what they say.

6. Lack of Beautiful love
Love is the key to every relation, if it is lost then every relation come to end. So in in this love connects two people by heart,soul and body.
Lack of Beautiful love

7. Irritation

Bitterness is like cancer. It eats upon the host. But anger is like fire. It burns it all clean.

Anger is the ego of person, every time he feels someone is against his thought anger comes out. Anger makes the person lose his senses and ability to do things correctly.

8. Disappointment
A person’s wish never come to an end,he asks every time to God and so does to the spouse. Its not always a compulsion that your partner will be able to do that but it is not the point where ignore them, be with them and try with them to achieve that.

9. Taking for granted:
There may be times when you feel someone else is better but the one you are with is the best for you. But that doesn’t mean you will ignore them,at that time pay more attention to them and love them more.


10. Not giving time:
In your busy schedule you should always try to make out time for your beloved to understand each other and make out with each other. Love and get loved.
Lack of time
I think you will be finding this important and try avoiding all these to make your marriage a good going.1.

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