Steroids In Excess Can Ruin Your Life: 6 Cases

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Steroids are a popular form of supplement intake in fitness freaks and muscle or body building groups. It is a form of artificial proteins which helps in increasing the rate of muscle gain. With fitness standards set so high among the youngsters these days, the consumption of such synthetic supplements is growing day by day. It has become frequent to such an extent that it is now harmful to their health.

An overdose of steroids without proper guidance has resulted in not only physical disabilities and problems but also death in severe cases. Here are six examples which show that while fitness is not a bad goal to achieve, an excess of anything never results positive.

Overdose of steroids without proper guidance can Ruin Your Life – Six Cases

  1. Mahesh Khokarale

    Mahesh was a gym instructor in Worli, Mumbai who passed away in 2009 due to occasional use of steroids. He did not use them before, but it revealed that he might’ve used it for one competition. The result was that his liver became so weak that when malaria hit him, he could not fight it back and passed away a year before he was about to get married.

    excess user of steroids - Mahesh Khokarale
    Mahesh Khokarale
  2. Muhammed Ahmed

    Muhammed died of wrong and uninstructed nutrition which resulted in liver and kidney failure. He was very young when he died, and his death caused a flow of shock among the gym pursuers.

    Muhammed Ahmed died because of Steroids
    Muhammad Ahmed
  3. Kiran and Steroids

    Kiran was told by his instructor to use anabolic steroids, which caused his death in 2017. According to the police report, his instructor in Bangalore charged him Rs. 25000 for a 6-month pack of steroids and injections. The doctors also refused to treat such steroids.

    Kiran and Steroids
    Kiran, Steroids
  4. Rajesh Kumar Gautam

    The young boy of Delhi had to undergo hip surgery due to consumption of anabolic steroids. The doctor in charge Dr. Sudhir Kapoor confessed to India Today that the supplements should only take after consulting a very experienced professional. Also, the person should undergo certain blood protein and urine tests before starting the course. According to him, people today are taking steroids blindly. With so many gyms rising in Delhi, even pharmacies don’t tend to care for selling only prescribed proteins.

    Rajesh Kumar Gautam
    Rajesh Kumar Gautam
  5. Ali

    Son of a prominent politician of Pakistan, Ali died at his home when he was 26 years old due to a cardiac arrest. He was found unconscious 3-4 hours prior his death. Ali was into body building, and according to doctors, steroid content in his blood is the reason for the same. He was the fifth Pakistan based bodybuilder to die off illegal steroids.

    Ali died due to excessive use of steroids
  6. Dean Wharmby

    Dean was obsessed to gain the ‘perfect’ body and was a body building freak. He achieved his physique by consuming a 10,000 calorie diet, which included burgers, pizzas, bacon, sandwiches and 7-8 energy drinks. Dean went on to take anabolic steroids and developed a liver cancer. He used the steroids for a massive physique, which was claimed to be the direct cause of his death.

    Dean Wharmby
    Dean Wharmby

    While the trend is high even today, the young gym goers and fitness trainers should be aware not to indulge in such illegal activities. It can be life-threatening for the worse, and also can affect your career significantly.

    -Aayushi Tiwari

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