Ssshhh! Here Are 7 Signs To Know If You Have A Crush On Someone!

Have you ever recognized that you basically know everything about your crush even though you’ve hardly spoke two words to each other, like ever? Or  how you literally can’t stop  gawping at your crush whenever they’re around? Having a crush can make you do stuff  that are kind of awkward, maybe even a bit strange. So here are the things which will make sure about you crushing on someone.

  1. You Facebook/Insta stalk that person-You do this so extremely that you have fortuitously liked an old photo from 90 weeks ago on their Instagram. So Embarrassing!!! And every one do that !


  1. You plan your entire future with them in your head- We will go to the same university and study abroad in Canada together. After we graduate, we will have our majestic wedding in Cinderella’s castle at Disneyland and name our children something unique like Blue Ivy or North West.


  1. You purposely hang out at places you know your crush will be present- So what if you dislike sports? You are going to every football, basketball game from now on, because your heart knows who will be there.

crush 3

  1. You stare at your phone, waiting eagerly for them to text you back. Any time your phone buzzes you FREAK out hoping it’s your bae.

crush 4

  1. You have constant imaginary conversations with your crush. You know, so if you ever actually have a real conversation, you will be prepared in advance. And that is really a cute thing , that you have a imaginary conversation with your bae!
crush 5
crush 5
  1. You and your BFFs have a top secret code name for your crush. “OMG. I saw green eyes in the hall and we made eye contact for a minute! I think he is into me!!!”
  2. crush 6
  1. You play weird games and take quizzes online to see how much your crush is into you. He loves me, he loves me not…..awwww……..HE LOVES ME!! This is the last sign to tell you that you have a crush! Congratulations, you are adulting like a boss now!crush 7

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