Spine Problem In Women And Why They Delay Treatment

Women Have More Delayed Treatment Of Spine

Problem Than Men

From Prehistoric times, women ignore their health due to various reasons.Many times in our home, we have seen our mothers ignore their health.Be it their cold, fever or a cough. But these are common, sometimes we even ignore these. But spine is a very important part of our body. Ignoring Spine Problem is not always a good thing.

Spine Problem
Doctor Shows The Problem in Spine to Patient.

According to a recent study, More women suffer from spine problem and for a longer period of time. There are more astonishing factors that came across.Dr. Vishal Peshattiwar, who is conducting this study said woman generally delay their treatment till it is absolutely necessary.He even recalled a case in which a husband brought his 35-year wife who could barely walk.Doctors told him she needed surgery.But the husband said he needed to save for a year.The pain of wife was not even discussed.

What Study Says…

Men usually sustain spine problems due to accidents or fall at the workplace
Spine Problems.

The study’s main finding, according to Dr. Peshattiwar, is the average wait for surgery for women in pain is longer than of men. “Around 90% of women in the sample pool had symptoms for more than five years; with 50% having it for more than a decade. The wait for men was shorter; 90% had less than five years of complaints.

Generally, men have quick surgery.Men usually sustain spine problems due to accidents or fall at the workplace.They undergo surgery on an emergency basis.Hence making them wait a little less comparatively less.

Why Spine Problem in women

Most of the spine related pain starts or originate from pregnancy
How To Live With Spine Pain.

Female Patients are a usually younger than male patients.Most of the spine related pain starts or originate from pregnancy and the use of epidurals at the time of delivery. The average age of female patients is 36 years, we see a rise in the number of younger patients. A few other issues aggravate spine-related problems in women. For Example Vitamin D deficiency, deficiency of calcium due to improper diet and lack of exercise. Especially after child birth, women become weak.

Lastly, we would say a woman is a mother, wife, daughter and much more.Neglecting her health issue is not advisable.The health of anyone be it male or female is very important.And we should not delay the treatment just because we can bear the pain.

Prevention is better than cure!

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