Kollywood (South Indian actors) actors are known for their pay and lifestyle, and moreover many of them have a rich collection of cars, bikes and other driving tools.After all –  it’s all about the ride to work or during work or just a break from the hectic schedules. So here is a list of the most expensive cars of South Indian celebrities you can look for:


He is not your ordinary car collector; he has a strong penchant for Audi only. Amongst all of his Audis, we pick out Audi R8, the sports model as his biggest collection piece. He does maintain a rather high standard when it comes to movie roles or cars!


south indian actors

Audi R8 – Rs. 2. Crores


The actor who is known for his role in ‘classmate,’ recently replaced the Audi Q7 with a Porsche Cayenne and attended a friend’s  wedding, where the audience and fans went completely crazy over his new ride.


south indian actors

Porsche Cayenne – Rs. 1.4 Crores

3)Mahesh Babu:

His wife gave him one of the best gifts ever. The first ever Range Rover in India on his 36th birthday. Obviously, it’s his prized possession.


south indian actors

Range Rover – Rs. 2 Crores

4)Allu Arjun:

He is no kid when it comes to buying expensive cars. This BMW X6 is a luxury crossover and is tagged as a sports activity coupe. He rides this luxurious monster with the license number plate 666.


south indian actors


BMW X6 – Rs. 1 Crore

5)Kamal Hassan:

The very famous Tamil actor has made great movies and bought many cars which keep getting replaced with every new movie release. He currently owns an Audi R8 and a Hummer H3.


south indian actors

Audi A8 and Hummer H3 – Rs. 2 crores

6)Ram Charan Tej:

Ram Charan Tej has managed to keep his love for cars alive. He has gifted an Aston Martin for his wedding after which he bought the first Range Rover Autobiography edition in India. ‘Magadheera’ to mega car chaser Ram certainly has a different style.


south indian actors

Aston Martin V8 Vantage and Range Rover Autobiography – Rs. 5.8 Crores


Megastar Chiranjeevi has a lot of cars mostly for his kids. But his is no less fancy; he has been gifted two very grand cars including a Rolls Royce Phantom.

south indian actors

Rolls Royce Phantom – Rs. 3 Crore


One of the south Indian actors and our favorite son-in-law is another Audi lover. He is also the proud owner of a Bentley and Jaguar. He is quite the simpleton with a little love for classic cars.

south indian actors

Audi A8 – Rs. 1.7 Crores


Suriya, who is also one of the most down to earth fellas, loves to drive an Audi for a change. There is a speculation that the car has been gifted by the company to Suriya as a part of their promotions. But we sure as hell know he deserves it.


south indian actors

Audi A7 – Rs. 85 lakhs



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